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IDRC at the 2019 African Green Revolution Forum

August 28, 2019
IDRC will host a full-day event and present research findings throughout the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF), the world’s most important conference for African agriculture.

IDRC / Bartay Koto Alima, of the Soudomse cooperative in Parakou, Benin, shows her freshly harvested indigenous vegetable crop.

Hosted by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), the AGRF brings agricultural stakeholders together to discuss and commit to programs, investments, and policies that will have a transformative impact on inclusive and sustainable agriculture across Africa.

This year’s theme, “Grow digital: Leveraging digital transformation to drive sustainable food systems in Africa”, will focus on improving and scaling up digital agricultural technologies; increasing the number of young researchers; promoting women’s leadership in agricultural research, innovation, and policymaking; and encouraging partnerships between researchers and policymakers, the private sector, civil society, and communities across the continent.

IDRC’s pre-conference event, “Making research and innovation work for women and youth in Africa”, will convene researchers, policymakers, and private sector actors from across the continent to discuss gender and digital inclusion in the agriculture sector, with a particular focus on building women’s leadership in science and agriculture, especially in West Africa. The event will feature IDRC partners from the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund, the Cultivate Africa’s Future Fund, and the Livestock Vaccine Innovation Fund.

Key IDRC events at the 2019 AGRF

Monday, September 2 (Accra International Conference Centre)

IDRC side-event “Making research and innovation work for women and youth in Africa” (8:30 am–5 pm).  

Tuesday, September 3

IDRC and AGRA will co-chair “Digital solutions catalyzing women’s agribusinesses” (11:30 am–1 pm), which will bring digital platform innovators together with women smallholders and women in agribusiness to showcase their solutions and identify potential opportunities for scaling up.

Wednesday, September 4

IDRC will participate in “Increasing adaptation and resilience of African food systems” (11:00–1 pm), a policy symposium co-chaired by FAO and AGRA about strengthening climate adaptation and resilience in African agriculture. IDRC Senior program specialist Michele Leone will contribute to technical discussions on the final recommendations of the Global Commission on Adaptation report.

Thursday, September 5

IDRC Senior program specialist Jemimah Njuki will moderate “The path to the 2020 Nutrition for Growth Summit” (11:30 am–1:30 pm), a special event on scaling up nutrition.

IDRC Program leader Renaud De Plaen will participate and share lessons from IDRC on solutions for women’s economic empowerment through agriculture. The “Solutions for women unlocking the potential of agriculture in Africa” (2:30–4:30 pm) session, aims to give women smallholders, agribusiness owners, and agribusiness providers a platform to problem-solve and co-create solutions to key challenges for women in agribusiness.

See the detailed 2019 AGRF program for more information.