HarassMap and Uber Egypt partner to raise awareness about sexual harassment

December 11, 2017


IDRC-supported HarassMap has once again led to progressive changes in the fight against sexual harassment. The ride-hailing company Uber has announced it is working with HarassMap to implement measures that will raise driver and customer awareness about sexual harassment and assault in Egypt.

A sexual harassment component is now included in Uber’s driver training and HarassMap is working with the company to develop and deliver training materials that educate drivers about what sexual harassment is and its legal consequences. In addition, drivers are provided with resources to take positive action if they are faced with such incidents.

According to HarassMap, some 60,000 Uber drivers in Egypt have already completed the training, with thousands more expected to be trained in the year ahead.


HarassMap began as a group of volunteers working to end the social acceptability of sexual harassment in Cairo, Egypt. With IDRC support, the group used social media platforms and data collection techniques known as crowdsourcing to track and report sexual harassment incidents anonymously, creating evidence that is helping to change perceptions about victims of sexual harassment. HarassMap also launched a community outreach program that now boasts as many men among its members as women.

HarassMap has also led to another profound impact in Egypt: Cairo University implemented a sexual harassment policy in 2014 — the first of its kind in Egypt — and now eight other Egyptian universities are working to develop and adopt similar policies.

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