Film screening, round table on food security highlights of IDRC’s activities during International Development Week

February 17, 2016

Food Security Panel, International Development Week 2016

Every February, the Government of Canada organizes International Development Week, highlighting the work and achievements of Canada’s development community. 

This year, IDRC engaged in a variety of activities in the Ottawa region to share with Canadians how international development organizations, including IDRC, contribute to improving the lives and livelihoods in developing countries.

Here are some highlights:

  • On January 28, IDRC hosted a journalism class from Carleton University to share personal experiences of international development with young and future leaders in their field of expertise.
  • On February 4, IDRC screened A Walnut Tree, the award-winning documentary showcasing the challenges that internally displaced people in Pakistan are facing. The film, which received funding from IDRC, sparked a lively discussion among University of Ottawa students and IDRC Senior Program Officer Adrian Di Giovanni, on the causes and impact of forced migration crises.
  • On February 6, Renaud De Plaen, IDRC’s program leader for the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF), was among the experts at a public round table on food security at the University of Ottawa, entitled “Food for Thought: Politics, Gender, and Global Food Security.” De Plaen outlined the main causes of food security around the world, as well as concrete solutions that are being implemented to tackle malnutrition.
  • On February 11, Ann Weston, IDRC’s program leader for the Foundations for Innovation Program, participated in a public round table on current trends, challenges, and opportunities in international development at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. Along with other experts from the development sector, she shared the import role research plays in bringing innovative solutions to multifaceted global challenges.
  • Also on February 11, IDRC and the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa sponsored a panel discussion entitled “Is Structural Change Necessary for Improving African Livelihoods in the Future?” Flaubert Mbiekop, IDRC’s senior program officer, discussed various strategies that can provide opportunities for Africa’s growing youth population alongside African and Canadian subject matter experts.

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