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Driving vaccine innovations to improve lives and livelihoods

Published on
February 02, 2018
Following the Livestock Vaccine Innovation Fund’s first call for proposals, five world-class teams have been funded. Collectively, they represent a cross-section of disciplines, diseases, and regional hot spots, and all present the potential to profoundly transform the lives of smallholder livestock farmers for the better.

These LVIF-funded projects will focus on driving innovation in livestock vaccine development. Project teams will receive funding totaling CA$7 million over the next two years, with research results expected to accelerate the development of new vaccines.

The Fund focuses on diseases that pose the greatest risk to poor livestock keepers, particularly women, in sub-Saharan Africa and South and Southeast Asia. By bringing vaccine researchers, manufacturers, and distributors together, the Fund accelerates the discovery of new vaccines and the improvement of existing solutions.

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