Celebrating results and promoting partnerships

September 28, 2018

The Government of Canada, through IDRC and Global Affairs Canada, has released a comprehensive report highlighting the lasting impact of its nine-year, CA$124.5 million Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF).

The report represents the collective efforts of the many people who dedicated their time and expertise to the CIFSRF initiative. This includes the farmers and community members at the forefront of the effort to validate and test food security innovations, the international research teams driving these innovations, and the development specialists who secured the necessary financial resources and partnerships to bring these projects to life. Together, they worked to develop and scale up innovations to increase production, access to, and consumption of safe and nutritious food.

The breadth and depth of CIFSRF-funded projects has made it challenging to streamline results, therefore this report focuses on the diversity of projects and the wide scope of their impact. Broadly, it addresses two critical questions:

  1. What did we achieve?
  2. How did we achieve it?

The question of what we achieved is addressed in the report’s first three sections about agricultural productivity, nutrition, and income. An estimated 78 million people were reached by CIFSRF’s work, an impressive figure for a relatively small program.

The question of how we achieved these results is addressed in the three sections about the cross-cutting themes of gender equality, scaling up, and partnerships. The synthesis concludes with a brief look at the road ahead.

Canada created CIFSRF nine years ago to push the boundaries of research and development funding by supporting practical innovations that directly improve the lives of the poor and food insecure. CIFSRF used competitive calls to identify and select the best research ideas from strong and capable teams. Nearly a decade later, the results are clear: a wide-ranging portfolio of innovative and successful projects that have changed millions of lives for the better.

Read the report here. No time to read the full report? Download the brief below.