Call for proposals: Innovations for the economic inclusion of marginalized youth

March 20, 2018
Photo of two young women who attended a workshop on youth leadership in Colombia. The girls are standing next to a board with a list leadership attributes, such as “motivating,” identified in the workshop.

Fundación Capital

IDRC and the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) signed a scientific and technological cooperation agreement to support joint research projects in December 2017.

FAPESP is a state-level scientific granting council in Brazil. Its primary goal is to support knowledge creation and enhance the research capacity of institutions based in the state of São Paulo.

FAPESP and IDRC have shared interests in creating new opportunities for vulnerable groups. For their first collaboration, FAPESP and IDRC are launching this call to generate knowledge, innovation, and evidence to foster the economic inclusion of marginalized youth in Brazil and other Latin American and Caribbean countries.

The International Labour Organization reports that nearly one-fifth of the region’s youth were unemployed and two-thirds were working in precarious jobs in 2017. Governments and international cooperation agencies have responded with efforts to promote opportunities for youth, but in most cases they have difficulty reaching marginalized youth because they lack an understanding of their priorities, motivations, and aspirations. This research initiative will identify promising innovations and support the piloting, learning, evaluation, and scaling up of these potential solutions.

This call is for submissions from researchers in higher education and research institutes in the state of São Paulo, in partnership with those in other regions of Brazil (excluding São Paulo) or any other Latin American and Caribbean country. Partnerships and alliances are also encouraged between public and private research institutions and implementing agencies such as governmental institutions, cooperatives, foundations, non-governmental organizations, or state-owned enterprises.

FAPESP and IDRC expect to fund up to three collaborative proposals worth US$200,000 per project for up to 24 months.

Applicants must review submission guidelines and submit their eligibility check by April 30, 2018. Proposals are due by June 15, 2018.

Visit the call page for detailed information and to access application forms.