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Travel Health and Wellness Officer

Job Summary

Under the direction of the Specialist, Travel Health and Wellness Officer, and as a member of the Human Resources Division, the Travel Health and Wellness Officer is responsible for coordinating and supporting to the Health Services Unit, which includes the Travel Health clinic, the Ergonomic Program, the Employee Assistance Program, and the Workplace Health and Safety Program.  The Travel Health and Wellness Officer also creates, plans and delivers an effective workplace wellness program focusing on healthy living and health promotion in the workplace in Head Office and Regional Offices. Assists managers and employees by helping determine their wellness needs, analyze the concerns, research options and provide solutions and strategies on an individual and corporate level.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Administrative and Coordination Support to the Health Services Unit (HSU):

Coordinate all aspects of administrative duties in HSU including:

Reception: As the first point of contact for employees in Health Services (both in person and on the phone), the Travel Health and Wellness Officer will answer requests for information related to the various Health and Wellness programs, give a brief orientation to new employees, schedule appointments, provide first aid for minor injuries, maintain a clean first aid and waiting rooms;

Communication:  Draft correspondence, memos, and ECHOnet messages.  Post ECHOnet messages on behalf of Health Services and manage the Intranet site for Health services. Create and update forms, questionnaires, advisory notes and other announcements in support of Health Services.  Annually, send a reminder to travelling staff regarding the recommended health screening guidelines.  Prepare orientation kits for new employees;

Budget/finances: Includes monitoring expenditures for medical supplies, wellness program, fitness subsidy, employee assistance program, medical officer and other professional services in Health Services.  Report on expenditures to the Specialist, Travel Health and Wellness and advise the Administrative Coordinator of HRD.   Pay invoices, monitor contract expenses, and reimburse medical expenses to employees.  Monitor contracts for consultants in Health Services and review any contractual changes with the Specialist, Travel Health and Wellness and the Procurement Officer. Prepare expense reports for the corporate card and travel card used in Health Services;

Supplies: Regularly check on Health Services supplies (first aid supplies, literature, medical and travel supplies).  Order supplies and equipment, as required.  Prepare purchase requisitions and work closely with Purchasing Unit, as needed. Maintain a checklist of medical supplies, including vaccines and medications with their expiry dates;

Performance Indicators:  Collect information for performance indicators, such as EAP utilization rates, impact of Wellness initiatives, the number of completed ergonomic assessments and medical exams. 

Fitness Subsidy:   Maintain a record of receipts for employees using the gym who qualify for a fitness subsidy.  On a quarterly basis, prepare a report to be submitted to payroll with the amounts for reimbursement.  

Filing:  Creating, closing and filing IDRC traveller medical files. Ensure that all protected information is treated confidentially and is kept locked.  Annually archive medical files and destroy old medical files as per policy.

Special projects: Assist the Specialist on special projects such as the Hazard Prevention Program, revisions of Medical Directives and Ergonomic Furniture Standards, inventory of medical supply and ergonomic equipment, etc.

Coordinate Corporate Wellness Program:

  • Create, plan and deliver an effective workplace wellness program focusing on healthy living and health promotion in the workplace in Head Office and the four Regional Offices;
  • Plan and organize monthly workshops special events based on determined corporate wellness needs;  
  • Organize and promote Wellness activities by identifying products, workshops and providers best-suited for the Centre, evaluating each program before and after, while respecting the allocated budget;
  • Deliver workshops on a variety of wellness topics in HO, and to the ROs via videoconferencing, e.g. information sessions, stretch breaks, etc;
  • Meet with the Wellness Committee and act as secretary, which includes arranging the meetings, taking minutes, circulating the documents (2 to 3 meetings per year);
  • Check the Wellness Inbox daily and respond to requests and follow up if required;
  • Produce a calendar of monthly themes and program events from September to May each year;
  • Maintain an e-library of appropriate wellness websites;
  • Measure the effectiveness of wellness initiatives using the mechanism established and include results in an activity report at the end of November and May;
  • Ensure the production of effective communication tools and high-quality motivational and advertising materials, i.e. posters, invitations, etc;
  • Provide quality client service to all Centre employees.

Travel Health Clinic:

  • Schedule appointments for travelling staff including sending reminders;
  • Provide instructions to new travellers in the completion of required travel health forms;
  • Send prescriptions to the pharmacy and arrange for the delivery of medications and vaccines, order vaccines and maintain a list of vaccines and their expiry dates;
  • Keep track of new employees, end of employment and postings abroad to ensure that all travellers are scheduled for a medical exam;
  • Update the Medical Directives binder, as required by the Specialist;
  • Arrange for disposal of hazardous materials and maintain all travel health forms / travel briefing handouts and make copies available for the Travel health clinic;
  • Ensure HWIN registration is completed annually by specific deadline as per Ministry of Environment legislation.

Ergonomic Program:

  • Contact new employees or those requesting support and provide information and assistance in setting up their offices ergonomically and/or coordinating and scheduling appointments with the Specialist, Travel Health and Wellness or the Ergonomic Consultant;
  • Maintain records of ergonomic assessments, including the list of furniture to be fixed and inventory of ergonomic supplies and equipment;
  • Keep track of ergonomic equipment provided to employees on short-term loan;
  • Organize training sessions on ergonomics;
  • Maintain and update annually the Standard Furniture binder, after review by Specialist and Ergonomic Consultant.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

  • Act as Secretary to the EAP committee, which includes arranging the meetings and educational sessions, taking minutes of the committee meetings, circulating the documents, and posting information on Echonet and the HSU website.

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS):

  • Assist an injured employee who comes to HSU and respond to 911 call when the Specialist is not on-site;
  • Contact WHS Committee Recording Secretary when an accident occurs on-site and an investigation is required and initiate the completion of the Record of Injury by WHSC members as needed;
  • Maintain up-to-date information and supplies related to health and safety including first aid attendants list, Workplace Hazardous Material Information System binder, information for new Committee members, first aid kits and procedures, and CPR/AED;
  • Organize first aid attendants meetings/communication;
  • Coordinate training for Committee members (WHSC & HSPC) and annual first aid training re-cert session; CPR and AED training and skills review as required;
  • Acts as a back-up for the Recording Secretary of WHSC and SPC.

Job Scope

To deliver an effective corporate Wellness Program and provide efficient support to the Specialist, Travel Health and Wellness and for the well-functioning of the operations of the Health Services Unit as part of the Human Resources Division.