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Social Media and Web Assistant

Job Summary

The Social Media and Web Assistant supports the Social Media Officer by assisting in monitoring IDRC’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn); posting content on social media channels when required; working with Communications staff in IDRC’s Regional Offices to coordinate social media campaigns. 

The Assistant supports the Web Officer by preparing, maintaining, updating, and uploading of web-based and digital content; applying relevant metadata; providing preliminary advice on appropriate design and layout; and ensuring quality control of web content, and testing new website features.

Also, is responsible for preparing, developing, and distributing IDRC’s e-newsletter, as well as providing usage statistics.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Social Media Platform Monitoring and Support

In conjunction with the Social Media Officer, sources, repurposes, edits and posts social media and multi-media content.  Monitors and reviews comments and conversations on IDRC’s social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. 

Collects traffic and use data on IDRC’s social media sites and feeds them into broader reports on the effectiveness of IDRC’s online communications strategies. Assists in the reporting on trends that may influence communication activities especially those related to high priority events.

Assists the Social Media Officer, the Senior Media Relations Advisor, the Senior Public Affairs Advisors. Works with Regional Office communications staff to coordinate social media activities.  

Supports online campaigns by ensuring that campaign tags are included where applicable; schedules tweets for planned activities using tools such as Hootsuite; and live tweets local IDRC events that are considered high priority.  

Website Workflow Coordination and Support

Coordinates website workflow activities to ensure content quality and integrity within IDRC standards and guidelines. More specifically:

  • manages a system to track content submissions through editing, approvals, translation, and posting stages;
  • ensures quality control of content, presentation, and branding, including proofreading and reformatting content; checking links and image sizes; checking for “alt” text and link description; and for adherence to accessibility guidelines;
  • uploads documents and photos 
  • troubleshoots errors in quality control processes and systems, including working with IMTD to test and find solutions and provides support to and answer queries from content creators throughout the Centre;
  • tests and provides feedback on new website features, in coordination with the Web Officer;
  • Applies metadata tags to web content as required.

Assists in developing and implementing annual and long-range web content plans. Develops tools (e.g. templates) and training documents to facilitate quality content creation and advises staff on their use. Collaborates in developing and implementing Web content policy, procedures, and standards. Participates in related IDRC web-based and digital media governance groups.

IDRC e-Newsletter Coordination

Plans, coordinates, and distributes IDRC’s monthly e-newsletter by posting items on website that will link to e-newsletter content (e.g. news items, profiles); manages subscription and distribution lists; assists in promoting the e-newsletter on IDRC’s social media channels; prepares usage statistics and reports.  

Other Duties

Replaces the Social Media Officer and the Web Officer when necessary.

Participates in communications’ planning meetings and provides advice on issues related to online communication tools, presentation, and style.

Performs other duties as required.

Job Scope

The Social Media and Web Assistant’s work is important to the smooth functioning of the IDRC website and social media networks and, therefore, reflects on the Centre’s image. The Assistant coordinates the content and contributes to the look and feel of the corporate website, which is IDRC’s main communication channel. 

The Assistant’s work contributes to the promotion of the IDRC’s strategic goals and objectives through the dissemination of large amounts of content to clients, partners, and stakeholders throughout the world. The Assistant contributes to ensuring quality control of IDRC messages and managing risks to the Centre’s reputation. 

The Assistant plays a key coordination role between Corporate Communications Division, Programs Branch, and other IDRC teams to support their respective missions.