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Research Librarian

Job Summary

The Research Librarian is a key member of a team responsible for the delivery of comprehensive research information services which contribute strategic value to the work of clients.  Intermediated search services at the expert level, the development and delivery of orientations, training/coaching, communications, collections development and other planning activities are important elements in ensuring that clients have access to information resources critical for decision-making, program delivery and research activities.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Provides in-depth intermediated searches and reference and referral services by:

  • Using reference interview techniques to elicit precise information requirements from clients as to subject, extent, depth and urgency;
  • Researching the topic and the relevant terminology, identifying appropriate online and print resources and formulating search strategies;
  • Conducting searches at the expert level;
  • Consulting internal and external sources/resource persons and referring clients where appropriate; and
  • Analyzing search results to ensure relevancy and quality.

Takes the lead in developing an end-user training and coaching programs by:

  • Assessing end-user learning needs;
  • Developing curriculum to effectively meet learning needs;
  • Delivering training and coaching on optimal search techniques and the use of resources such as bibliographic management software and new internet utilities;
  • Sharing knowledge with other colleagues on training and coaching techniques and on training materials (train-the-trainer);
  • Maintaining an up-to-date high level of knowledge on database enhancements and trends in information retrieval and tools for research collaboration; and
  • Maintaining active dialogue with Research Information Service clients (International Development Research Centre (IDRC) staff and research partners) on issues such as content development and barriers to use of research resources

Contributes to collections development and current awareness activities by: 

  • Developing content for the Research Information Management Services Division (RIMSD) website;
  • Developing, packaging and delivering current awareness  for RIMSD clients in the most effective manner possible; and
  • Participating in the RIMSD Collections Development committee and in other planning activities as appropriate.