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Project Coordinator - Karianet

Job Summary

KariaNet team is located in Cairo (Egypt) in the IDRC Regional Office for Middle East and North Africa (MERO). Under the supervision of the Program Manager and the Regional Director of IDRC in MENA, the Project Coordinator will work as a member of an interdisciplinary team with KariaNet members in the region with the goal of enabling them as well as their beneficiaries to make a better use of knowledge produced, shared, and managed through applied research initiatives and the appropriate applications of information and communications technologies for development.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

The specific responsibilities of the Project Coordinator are grouped into three categories: Knowledge Management, Research Management and Project Management

As Knowledge Manager, the program coordinator will play a lead role in:

  • Introducing and using knowledge management strategies and tools;
  • Developing collaboration tools and their usage by the network members (web site, mail lists, online collaboration and archiving systems, videoconference, etc.);
  • Identifying knowledge sources and resources and making them available to the network members;
  • Nurturing the development and expansion of the KariaNet knowledge networks built by KariaNet members;

The candidate will also:

  • Assist KariaNet members in scoping and synthesizing research findings and translating these into operational knowledge in user-friendly formats for practitioners and farmers;
  • Organise regional training sessions on knowledge management and usage for KariaNet members, as well as coordination and awareness raising workshops;
  • Make sure knowledge generated by research partners is available for all KariaNet members and for the community at large by diverse dissemination means and tools;

As a Research coordinator will:

  • Identify researchers and research teams working in the domains of priority for KariaNet members such as Food security and livelihood, rural enterprise development and marketing, knowledge management, etc.
  • Encourage innovative research ideas; solicit and receive research proposals and assess them with help of experts in the domains;
  • Develop and coordinate research agreements with these research teams as per IDRC rules;
  • Manage the research projects milestones, outputs and reports according to IDRC rules.

As Project coordinator will:

  • Manage the overall delivery of the Program objectives and activities and its financial resources, within the project budget;
  • Prepare a 3-year operational plan and annual work plans and budgets for the project;
  • Act as Secretary to the Steering Committee;
  • Prepare all required reports for approval by IDRC management and the project steering committee;
  • Prepare any other project management related documents as required by IDRC or IFAD;
  • Represent the network in national, regional and international events, as approved by the MERO Regional Director of IDRC or its designate;
  • Support the project’s evaluation/supervision missions;
  • Develop a sustainable outcome for the project through devolution or transference to another organization by the end of the three years period;