Programs and Research Advisor

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

1.  Analysis of trends and policy developments in the Sub-Saharan African Region in order to support IDRC’s strategic plan and programming by:

  • collating various information and data relevant to IDRC programs in the region through consultation of print and electronic sources and internal and external network of contacts;
  • analysing this information in order to identify new developments and trends in the region and sub-regions;
  • keeping track of regional economic and political events to enable timely contribution to strategic intelligence requests;
  • conducting thematic research on regional challenges and priorities;
  • preparing various reports and background issues papers advising the Regional Director and Program staff on key themes for expanding work in the region, as well as identifying potential partners in this work;
  • conducting data analysis and producing various draft reports on IDRC’s activities in the region, including graphics, presentations etc. such as for IDRC Strategic Plan, Forward Planning Funds Projects, Regional Directors’ reports or strategic intelligence; and
  • conducting specific research to support the Regional Director in his/her representational capacity and subsequently preparing subject briefing notes and presentations.

2.  Support risk management of regional programming and partnerships by:

  • speaking regularly with Program Officers, review program and project  monitoring  documents to monitor key developments in programs;
  • analysing, on a regular basis, key program development and performance indicators;
  • reviewing monitoring reports and materials such as PIMs and PCRs, and briefing or preparing the Regional Director accordingly, and assisting him/her during regular briefings from Program Officers;
  • gather intelligence on partnerships and interventions from other donors in Africa;
  • identifying communication and outreach opportunities and informing the Regional Director and the Communications and Media Relations Officer;
  • briefing the Regional Director regularly on programming progress and risks.

3.  Ensure the proper coordination of all Flex Fund programming activities under responsibility of the Regional Director by:

  • preparing documentation related to these projects including Project Approval Documents, Project Interim Reports and Project Completion Reports etc.;
  • analysing interim reports and liaising with grantees when required;
  • reviewing final project reports of research results and negotiating revisions and/or additional research requirements;
  • planning and managing project evaluations;
  • acting as the principal contact for non-solicited requests for program funds and reviewing and redirecting to the appropriate Program Officer if warranted, and
  • reporting any issues to the Regional Director.

4.  Coordinate various regional activities such as consultations, meetings and key learning events by:

  • planning activities which include the identification of objectives, targeted audiences, budgets, human and material resources;
  • developing any documentation, presentations and tools required for the activity;
  • coordinating monthly Program meetings, Seminars and ad-hoc events, preparing minutes and meeting reports and ensuring follow-ups;
  • managing and overseeing budget and work done by consultants when required, including the selection, negociation of contracts and follow-up on the work; and
  • assessing activities and producing final reports where required.

5.  Represent the IDRC and Regional Director at key events in order to gather intelligence by:

  • attending various local and occasional international conferences, meetings and learning activities;
  • reporting back to Regional Director on key findings and learning; and
  • making recommendations on implications for the Regional Office and programming.

6.  Perform all other tasks as may be assigned by the Regional Director such as:

  • ensure follow-up on behalf of the Regional Director on various activities and requests to ensure timelines are respected and objectives are achieved;
  • compile information on program evaluation reports for IDRC’s Evaluation Unit, as requested;
  • support the Communications and Media Relations officer to monitor and update ROSSA Web Pages with programmatic data and outputs; and
  • provide mutual back-up and coverage for the Communications and Media Relations Officer.