Procurement Officer

Job Summary

Under the general direction of the Manager, Procurement Services, has the mandate and authority to procure goods and services on behalf of IDRC. The incumbent  provides procurement services in accordance with IDRC policy and standards; administering logistics and relocation services; providing guidance, advice and support to ensure procurement processes are effective, efficient,  transparent and provide the best overall value to the IDRC, all while ensuring excellent client service internally.  Additionally, the Procurement Officer supports the Manager in the discharge of  responsibilities, develops new tools and training sessions, applies procurement best practices, and performs other duties as assigned.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities


Provides advice and guidance to clients on procurement matters and coaches clients on relevant processes, such as requests for proposals and bid evaluation criteria, to ensure client needs are met, the IDRC obtains best value, and ensure procurement processes are fair, open and transparent;

Analyses client requirements and selects the most appropriate procurement method based on established practices, policy, and past experience.  Conceptualizes and recommends to the Manager new practices and procedures where no precedent exists;

Plans, organizes and leads the bid solicitation process including drafting and issuing requests for quotations (RFQ), requests for information (RFI), requests for expression of interest (RFEI), requests for proposals (RFP), and developing bid evaluation criteria;

Chairs bid evaluation committees by guiding members through the evaluation process and ensuring the integrity of the competitive process while fully supporting the selection and decision making process;

Facilitates bidder debriefings, exercising appropriate judgement and tact while ensuring the protection of confidential information. Maintains complete and accurate records as a safeguard in the event of a legal dispute;

Analyses, negotiates and prepares contracts, ensuring appropriate terms and conditions are included to protect the interests of the IDRC;

Monitors and reviews progress of contracts, coordinates renewals, as appropriate, reviews and approves invoices for payment, and resolves any problems that may arise. Also performs post contract evaluations;

Creates and maintains procurement records, including electronic records in IDRC’s enterprise resource planning system (ERP),  ensuring accuracy and integrity of data through regular report generation, review and update of data;

Keeps abreast of new and ongoing developments in procurement and supply management by conducting research, reading trade journals, attending seminars and conferences, and participating in training sessions.


Analyses clients’ needs, provides advice and guidance to the client and their family concerning entitlements under IDRC’s relocation policy, and coordinates the relocation with the client, Human Resources, Regional Offices, moving companies and other involved parties. Ensures the client’s relocation shipment needs are met, which involves exercising sound judgement, flexibility and the application of previous experience in regards to the interpretation of policy and established practices and procedures;

Plans and organizes the logistics required to safely and efficiently ship client’s household goods and personal effects, including arranging surveys, obtaining and evaluating quotations, selecting bids, preparing and administering contracts, arranging marine insurance coverage and customs clearance, and acting as liaison between the client, moving companies, transportation companies, insurers, and regional office staff to ensure safe and timely arrival of shipments;

Records and provides statistical information as required for management, budgeting and planning purposes.


Provides advice and guidance to clients on shipping methods and services, risks, and costs associated with domestic and international shipments;

Analyses logistical requirements and selects appropriate methods and services to use based on standard practice. Plans, ensures execution of and monitors shipments;

Provides required written authorizations, issues instructions and  prepares import/export documentation to suppliers, freight forwarders, or carriers, to ensure timely and safe arrival of goods. With the assistance of the supplier, ensures compliance with domestic and international shipping regulations, customs regulations, and takes necessary action to resolve problems and disputes;

Coordinates customs brokerage services and issues appropriate and timely customs related documentation to ensure customs compliance.

System and Process Support

Provides analysis, advice and information necessary in support of the development of new procurement tools and contributes to the development and implementation of such tools;

Reviews, conceptualizes and recommends new practices and procedures within the IDRC for which precedent does not exist;

Develops and updates system and process documentation;

As subject matter expert for the IDRC ERP purchasing module, provides technical advice and participates in the design, development,  modification, testing and implementation of selected finance and administration systems and maintains such systems to ensure their effectiveness in meeting clients’ needs; 

Provides coaching, support and troubleshooting for purchasing module users;

Actively participates in the design and presentation of training sessions offered to IDRC clients;

Provides coaching, support and guidance to non-system users in order to facilitate engagement and understanding of the Procurement Unit’s purpose and mandate.


Balances financial stewardship and good client service in determining appropriate actions to take in day to day procurement activities;

Performs other related duties as required from the Procurement Management team and authorized by management.

Scope of Job

The Procurement Officer is responsible for ensuring that the services the incumbent provides are in accordance with IDRC policy, practices and procedures, the Resources Branch mandate, as well as client needs.

The incumbent performs as a member of the Finance and Administration Division providing support to other colleagues and providing input to the development and implementation of new tools and training, operational and other improvements, as appropriate. 

The incumbent influences decisions regarding the procurement of goods and services and related logistics and relocations, which impacts IDRC budgets, work schedules, and the effectiveness of projects and operations.

The incumbent must be able to determine and define requirements in order to provide accurate advice, guidance and recommendations. To do this, the incumbent must ask sufficient questions of the parties involved, rely on previous experience and knowledge, interpret, assess and communicate current IDRC policy, practices and procedures, as well as industry practice.