Payroll Administrator

Job Summary

The Payroll Advisor provides effective and efficient support to the Payroll and HR Systems Advisor for the effective functioning of the operations of the Human Resources Division.  He/she is responsible for the timely and accurate input of information to the IPHRMS (Integrated Payroll and Human Resources Management System).

The incumbent provides invaluable operational and administrative support to other members of the Compensation Team.  In fulfilling Payroll duties, the incumbent is responsible for maintaining controls used to balance biweekly payrolls and preparing remittances for payroll deductions.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

  • Assists in the accurate and timely preparation of biweekly payroll through operation and maintenance of a computerized payroll system;
  • Inputs payroll actions including new hires, changes, benefits, personal information;
  • Verifies and calculates casual employee/student timesheets; calculates statutory holiday pay for casual employees/students;
  • Prepares pay-run related reports such as pay registers, transaction audit reports, etc.; runs various biweekly and monthly payroll reports;
  • Prepares and distributes pay advices for all Centre employees;
  • Maintains and updates all controls and audits used to balance and reconcile payroll operations, including a bring forward (BF) system for future pay actions;
  • Responds to Tier 1 payroll queries, escalates more complex issues to Compensation Services Advisors;
  • Assists in disseminating payroll related information (i.e., changes, legislation) to all employees via Echonet or email messages;
  • Assists other Compensation team members in resolving issues affecting employee pays, including leave without pay, sick leave, terminations, etc.;
  • Sorts, copies and files payroll notices and pay reports;
  • Prepares and processes electronic payments/cheque requisitions for biweekly, monthly and annual remittance deadlines. Includes preparation of necessary backup documentation and remittance reports;
  • Assists Compensation Services Advisor with T4 preparation;
  • Verifies and inputs United Way campaign payroll pledges; assists Compensation Services Advisor with Canada Savings Bond campaign;
  • Inputs and updates controls and pay system with new salary information after annual salary review process;
  • Performs forms management – ensures adequate supply of all Compensation and Payroll forms, maintains and updates electronic versions as necessary;
  • Establishes and manages the process and procedures required to put in place a security clearance program for employees;
  • Initiates contact with employees just before they are hired or as renewals of security clearances are required;
  • Liaises with outside agencies to provide and receive information related to, and to follow-up on, security clearances;
  • Maintains personnel/confidential files for employees and puts in place a bring forward file for renewals; and
  • Other duties and projects as assigned.