Manager, Technology Services

Job Summary

The Manager, Technology Services (TS) manages IT operations and technical support. The incumbent is a full member of the Division’s management team and participates in key strategic and operational discussions and decisions on information and technology management issues, priorities, systems, processes, performance indicators, human resources and budgets. The Manager provides strategic direction, develops policies, and initiates projects in support of IDRC’s strategic goals. This includes developing workplans and budgets to guide the work of the team of IT professionals.
The role is to plan, organize, and manage staff and overall operations to ensure the stable operation of the organization’s IT infrastructure. This includes developing, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing key functional areas, particularly network infrastructure, server infrastructure, data communications, and telecommunications systems. The manager also oversees Service Desk supervisor and ensures that end users are receiving the appropriate assistance. This includes the responsibility of managing all procedures related to identification, prioritization and resolution of incidents, including the monitoring, tracking and coordination of Service Desk functions. This includes planning, designing, and analyzing the organization’s service desk according to best practices, while ensuring high levels of customer service quality and availability. This incumbent develops, implements, and oversees policies and procedures to ensure consistent service levels and quick resolutions.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

IT Service Delivery

• Establishes IT service targets, objectives and levels, and technology deployment for the ongoing support of the Centre’s business needs in all offices;
• Ensures IT service delivery and support capabilities in the Regional Offices and collaborates with the Manager, Local Operations to ensure regional office infrastructure availability and performance;
• Conducts business, risk and/or contingency planning analysis and prepares forecasts for ongoing support and renewal of the computing infrastructure; interacts directly with the regional office IT Management on service disruptions, analysis and workload planning;
• Represents TS at the Architecture and Integration governance body and establishes and maintains technical standards for IT infrastructure and Service Delivery.
• Assesses problems that are elevated to management level to determine alternative mechanisms for resolution in a way that is in the best interest of the Centre and the user community;
• Reviews recommendations from the unit and feedback from the user community, establishes hardware and software standards and ensures adoption in Ottawa and the regional offices (RO);
• Participates in the development and drafting of Centre policies on IT Security; establishes and engages the Centre’s IT Security Team, in order to conduct impact assessments, reviews and to respond to security concerns, problems and events;
• Establishes the IMTD IT Continuity Service Management (Business Continuity Resumption) Plan, practices and procedures; ensures that it is consistent with business owner priorities and the Centre’s business needs; establishes interfaces and agreements with Centre business clients and negotiates service level agreements with clients and service providers;
• Initiates, defines, reviews and approves terms of reference and service delivery targets for contracts, support and coverage agreements;
• Monitors evaluates and approves the work performed by consultants for conformance to IDRC standards, policies and contractual agreements;
• Represents the division during the IT audits and the Office of the Auditor General Review of the Centre’s IT services and technical environment; and
• Analyse, monitor and anticipate utilization and performance of the IT infrastructure. Ensure delivery of IT services and resource in an efficient, cost-effective manner. (Resource management)

Management and Strategic Planning

• Participate as a member of the IMTD’s management team in the development of the Division’s policies, guidelines, standards, and strategies to guide senior management at Head Office and in the Regions in conducting communications activities at their level.
• Work with the Director IMTD and the other Managers of the Division to develop objectives, set priorities, and participate in planning for the Division.
• Manage a team of IT professionals including all aspects of human resources: hiring, orientation, professional development, planning work and priorities, monitoring progress, as well as assessing and managing performance.
• Ensure that services are provided to the Ottawa and Regional Office users;
• Establish unit objectives and priorities, develop, implement and monitor work plans and review and approve technical strategies and requirements submitted by staff.
• As required, manage project teams and working groups; identify requirements, chair meetings, set objectives and goals and timetables; monitor and evaluate the quality, accuracy and outcome of work;
• Monitor expenditures and resources utilization, analyse resources issues and problems and develop alternative resourcing approaches and prepare ad-hoc reports.
• Participate in the development of operating and capital budgets; conduct strategic, risk and/or contingency planning analyses and prepare budget forecasts for ongoing support and renewal and for major projects; identify and choose the most cost-effective solutions that will meet overall service objectives;
• Draft, develop and monitor unit budgets as well as project budgets totalling up to $2,000,000.
• Contribute to the content and details of agreements, and how the resulting resources are to be allocated in order to deliver more effective services to the respective clients. Within delegated authority of $50,000 per request, approve expenditures and recommend invoices for payment for the acquisition of goods and services rendered in accordance with IT contracts specifications; and recommend to management expenditures which exceed own delegated level of authority; and
• Authorize overtime, leave, and travel for staff; negotiate the extent and level of service (in the case of a consulting contract), and evaluate and select the best proposal; In conjunction with the other IMTD management team reviews budgetary spending and recommends the appropriate changes in order to maintain the budget.
• Contributes to the development of strategic frameworks for IT products, services,  technologies and support; develops strategic directions and alternative service delivery options; develops IT business and operational plans; provides technical advice, impact analysis, recommendations to regional and HQ management, Centre clients and partners;
• Monitors and utilizes trending in IT business practices, IT research organizations, business and market projections, in order to establish appropriate recommendations and investigations; and
• Researches, designs, plans and initiates new or enhanced IT services; identifies/solicits and evaluates business requirements, or responds to client requests; and manages the information architectural design.

IT Infrastructure

• Assists in the evolution of the process improvement initiative, concentrating on implementing an appropriate method of configuration management; assists in the implementation and enforcement of version control procedures;
• Develops, enforces and improves the Change Management process; ensures adherence to the process for implementing changes to the production systems;
• Manages and oversees desktop back-up software configuration, setup and maintenance, domain management, certificate management, hardware, wiring, wireless, ISP, DNS, easy proxy and IP management; extension creation, voice mail, phone configuration and billing, video conferencing, Meeting Place express; BES, VPN, MYOFFICE, SKYPE gateway;
• Maintains servers for core applications (e.g. Exchange, Sharepoint, EPIK, Oracle, MS-SQL, EPO, landesk, BES, UPTime, Virtual Centre, MS Identity Management, etc.);
• Manages IT infrastructure support including patching (including research and coordination patching strategy with business owners for patching the environments such as Oracle and SharePoint), systems, installation and maintenance, network access, authentication, firewalls, physical access, incident response, monitoring, threat assessments; strategic direction and consultation to RO; lab, ups, air conditioning, wiring closets, data centre room; LAN accounts, email accounts lpass, drives access, WCMS access, security awareness, LYRIS, policies absence administration, active directory administration and group policy administration; server refresh, hardware and software refresh, policy, procedure and guidelines; recovery, backup, testing and incident documentation; the scheduling of Windows maintenance; SANS administration, storage management, access control and provisioning; storage administration, backups, refresh and troubleshooting; virtual servers administration, administration and network management; support for mobile equipment, remote connections and access;
• Manages the maintenance of the  database, the  software, the Information Management System for internet, extranet, intranet and regional offices; and
• Provides tier 3 support to RO infrastructure, network and telephone issues.

Service Desk Management

• Conceptualizes and implements new divisional services, and improvements or changes to existing services based on divisional strategy and client requirements;
• Establishes service delivery mechanisms, service levels and performance metrics, often involving cross-unit efforts and resources;
• Oversees the delivery of technical support to HO clients and ROs, including the deployment of new hardware and software; the negotiation of licenses and fees; and ensures that the desktop is adequate to meet client needs and that its architecture meets or exceeds established security standards;
• In all service areas, handles service requests or enquiries that are escalated from front line service providers (e.g. for services outside of IMTD’s service portfolio, exceptions to policies or standards, etc.) that require management input or decisions;
• Establishes and maintains ITIL (version 3.0) standards and service delivery framework; and
• In compliance with ISO 27000a cybersecurity standard, oversees the production of a quarterly cybersecurity report the Finance Administration Committee.


• Represents the division and Centre during internal and external meetings, informal and formal working groups, and discussions, meetings with Centre management and committees, and as required, acts as an alternate for the Director;
• Maintains regular communications with regional IT staff to discuss technical and operational issues, policies and practices;
• Plans, creates and conducts presentations to staff and partners on Centre technologies, solution and opportunities;
• Represents IT security concerns with other government agencies; and
• Travels to the Regional Offices, partner locations and ICT conferences to assess, recommend and implement technology changes. 
• Introduces various feedback mechanisms to identify client needs for services, equipment and information, and to assess the division’s performance.


Direct Supervision

• Direct supervision and management of one supervisor and 7 employees; establishes objectives and priorities; forecasts and identifies human resource needs; initiates staffing actions; assigns and monitors work; authorizes resource commitments; assesses employee performance (ongoing)
• Responsible to approve/sign-off on work items and time schedules for contract staff and monitor work to ensure deliverables are met (ongoing)

Indirect supervision

• Indirect supervision of project teams; regional office IT contractors and other divisional staff and consultants (a few times a month)
• Responsible to manage vendor (product) support staff that may be called in to resolve product support issues.  Responsible to monitor and approve work upon completion and ensure deliverables are met (a few times a year)
• Responsible for Centre staff/consultants involved in the implementation of corporate IT projects (occasionally)

Job Scope

The Manager is responsible for the effective operation of the multi-million dollar IT computing environments in Ottawa and the Regional Offices. The incumbent manages a diverse technical team at the supervisory, junior, intermediate and senior levels, and various consultants divided into 2 direct groups in Ottawa and coordinates the IT operations activities of local contractors in regional offices.  Ensures that technical capabilities are available within the unit and ROs in order to provision for and provide adequate assistance to 400+ global Centre users. Functions as technical advisor for the Director and Architecure and Integration governance body.
The incumbent of the position is an active member of the IMTD management team.  As part of this function, the incumbent actively participates in the establishment of priorities for the Division and in the development and implementation of the strategic direction of the division. This includes establishing priorities for his/her team, determining the allocation of financial and human resources, performance management, etc. In regards to human resources management, the incumbent has full authorities delegated to managers of the Centre as per the Human Resources Authority Matrix, and is responsible for developing job descriptions, selecting suitable candidates, making hiring decisions, confirming completion of probation or making effective recommendations of rejection of an employee during the probationary period. The Manager sets work objectives and manages employee performance, including issuing verbal and written disciplinary measures.
The Manager contributes to the development of the Centre’s IT Strategic frameworks for IT services within the Centre and as part of the IMTD management team develops strategic directions and alternative service delivery options, business and operational plans to provide input to overall Centre IT plans, priorities and objectives.
The Manager manages IT service delivery by providing leadership and direction and plans, prioritizes, assigns and schedules work for staff and multi functional work teams and establishes standards, procedures and documentation for providing IT related support services.
The Manager develops new recommendations for alternative service delivery methods and improved service metrics which is shared with the IMTD management to enhance the overall service delivery for the Division.  The Manager conducts research, designs and plans new or enhanced IT services and identifies/solicits and evaluates business requirements, or responds to client requests for the Centre. 
The incumbent is also responsible for the management of the Service Desk and the associated client services.  This includes ensuring the adequacy and security of desktops and mobile equipment, optimizing the use of hardware and software by clients, and selecting and promoting the research databases to internal and external audiences.