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Manager, External Funds Management

Job Summary

The Manager, External Funds Management is responsible for managing a range of activities related to Donor partnership revenues, such as ensuring that; the appropriate financial responsibilities are outlined in the donor contribution agreements, all receivables and revenues related to donor contributions are properly recorded, and reports in regards to these contributions are prepared accurately and on a timely basis.

In addition, the incumbent manages the financial relationship of donor partnerships by acting as the primary financial contact for donor contribution agreements. The incumbent develops appropriate financial and administrative procedures relating to the management of funds on behalf of other organizations.

The Manager establishes, in consultation with project staff, the annual project-based operational budgets and is responsible for reviewing the overall results for all externally funded programs. The Manager participates in the preparation of the Centre’s annual program of work and budget, determines, in conjunction with the respective Program and GAD managers, the annual internal allocation targets for each externally funded program, updates and calculates the administrative costs allocated to each project, and ensures regular and timely reviews of the methodology of these calculations. 

Finally, the Manager supports the Centre`s decision making process by ensuring the preparation and provision of financial information and reports to program management to ensure IDRC`s compliance with financial obligations to partners.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Manage Donor Partnership Revenue

Remains current as to the status of upcoming donor contribution agreements by liaising with the Donor Partnership Division.  Reviews donor contribution agreements and associated budgets to ensure that the financial reporting responsibilities to be assumed by IDRC are appropriate under the circumstances and that revenue and expenditures can be adequately forecasted and managed.  Liaises with the Grant Administration Division (GAD) for that purpose. Confirms that financial aspects of agreements are acceptable to the Centre, as required by the Board`s General Financial Resolution.  Consistent with the Authority Matrix, confirms the acceptability of agreements or recommends approval by the Director, FAD or Vice President, Resources Branch, as appropriate.

Manages a team responsible for all donor receivables; reviews and issues financial reports to donors prepared by supervisee to ensure their compliance with the agreements; follows up on overdue payments and liaises with the Treasury Accountant on treasury management issues. Verifies all donor partnership revenue and receivables are properly recorded in a timely manner for inclusion in the monthly corporate financial statements. Ensures that all donor partnership funds expensed and earned are properly recorded in each project, at the level of detail necessary to not only manage each project component but also to report on, and forecast IDRC’s overall project expenditures. Ensures that revenues for the recovery of administrative costs are properly recorded according to the conditions stipulated in the agreements.

Works with the Manager, Budget and Financial Management (BFM) in the assembly of the external funding figures for the annual Program of Work and Budget submitted to the Board of Governors.

Works with GAD Managers, Program Managers and the Program Management Officer of the Office of the Vice-President, Programs and Partnerships, to determine the amount of allocations in order to respect the IDRC pledged contribution within each donor agreement.

Ensures that IDRC does not advance Parliamentary appropriation funding in cases where donor funding has not yet been received.

Oversees the preparation of quarterly reports on donor partnerships, including a list of active partner-funded projects, current year allocations of external funds and contracts under negotiation — circulates these reports to program staff and senior management including the Vice-President, Resources Branch.  Briefs the Vice-President, Resources Branch, regularly on the financial aspects of donor contribution agreements, particularly revenues and expenses.

Manage Financial Relationship of Donor Partnerships

Prepares the internal kick-off memo to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the particularities of specific agreements. Serves as the primary financial contact for every donor contribution agreement.  Liaises with donor agencies on the financial administration of the agreement.

Establishes and delineates appropriate financial and administrative procedures relating to the management of funds on behalf of other organizations.  Enlists the collaboration of grant administration staff (in Ottawa and the regions) who administer externally funded projects.

Works closely with the staff of the Grant Administration Division and Regional Controllers in the development of a mutually acceptable financial accounting structure (meeting the requirements of the EPIK Grants and Projects Management system, IDRC program managers and donors) for programs and complex projects (on a case-by-case basis).

Makes recommendations to facilitate project operations (i.e. excluding grant-making and Centre-administered program activities), provides financial information to aid decision-making and problem resolution.  Communicates internal practices and procedures and encourages compliance by program managers with these and contractual obligations.  Prepares written or verbal advice and guidelines, respecting the diverse nature of the audiences to whom presentations are made by adapting messages to meet expectations, levels of understanding and political environments appropriately.

As required contractually, identifies auditors to certify IDRC’s financial reports to donors; negotiates contracts; monitors and approves work upon completion.

Project Operations Budgeting and Monitoring

Establishes in consultation with project-hired staff or relevant project or program managers, the annual project-based operational budgets (for salaries, benefits, travel, office and other operational costs).  Liaises with the grant administration staff responsible for the control of project expenditures to ensure they are aware of budgets and related assumptions.  Also ensures that Grant Administration Managers have the necessary information to establish the annual tranche of the program budget in externally funded programs.  Monitors, with staff assistance, the project operational budgets; provides financial performance feedback to responsible officers. Signs off quarterly financial reports to program managers prepared by supervisees for externally funded programs.

Performs an overall review of externally funded program results and provides advice to the Manager, BFM regarding expenditure patterns and possible impacts on the forecasted expenditures. Identifies potential risks and provides an action plan to minimize these risks.

Provides guidance and advice with regard to Centre operations policies and procedures to project-hired staff, responsible officers and program managers.

Evaluates the financial risk of currency fluctuations and sets aside proper financial contingencies to mitigate the impacts thereof.

Management and Advisory Role

Monitors workload and ensures adequate resourcing of the unit and that staff are properly briefed and trained in the policies and procedures relevant to the unit. Manages team dynamics and resolves conflicts.

Reviews, annually, the rate and the methodology established for the recovery of administrative costs. Provides advice to the Director, FAD on policy issues regarding the rate for recovery of administrative costs. Determines, annually, the charge-out rates to be used for cost recovery and project budgeting purposes.

Assists the Manager, BFM in the development of expenditure forecasting models for donor contribution funds and the associated IDRC funding contributions.  Develops models for better understanding of the relationship between costs and results.

Supports the Manager, BFM in the preparation of the annual program of work and budget with respect to external funding.  On an on-going basis, provides advice to the Manager on the financial management implications of donor partnerships. 

Participates as a member of the Finance and Administration management team.

Information Management

Ensures that adequate policies, procedures and systems are in place and clearly documented to carry out the work and measure the extent to which IDRC’s goals and objectives are realized.  To that end, the incumbent becomes involved in the design, implementation and integration of the financial information system and Centre-wide database as it affects the planning, monitoring and decision making related to donor funding. 

Acts in an advisory capacity to the staff of the Grant Administration Division, which has the primary responsibility for that system; and provides quality assurance to ensure accurate data in the corporate information system.

Sees that all documentation is easily accessible on the Intranet.  Organizes on-the-job training and awareness sessions to inform grant administration staff (in Ottawa and the regions) of matters of mutual interest relating to donor contribution administration.

Adheres to corporate policies and procedures regarding electronic filing of all documents related to external funding agreements.

Job Scope

The responsibilities of this position are Centre-wide in scope and hence, the incumbent is expected to lend support to the smooth functioning of other parts of the Unit.

This position is accountable for management of external contracts worth in excess of $275 million. The objective is to ensure that IDRC meets its contractual obligations and financial exposure is minimized.

The Manager, External Funds Management ensures the timely receipt of funds from donors to projects and ensures that all donor partnership revenues are properly recorded in the financial statements of the Centre.

The Manager, External Funds Management contributes to the development of policies and procedures for external fund accounting within IDRC, working very closely with the staff of the Grant Administration Division, regional controllers, the staff of the Donor Partnership Division and other Division chiefs and managers. In addition, the Manager oversees the implementation and adherence to these policies and procedures.

The Manager, External Funds Management assists the Manager, BFM in the preparation of the annual program of work and budget with respect to external funding, and in the development of financial models to adequately forecast the Centre’s overall externally funded expenditures.