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Human Resources Coordinator

The Human Resources Coordinator supports the HR Business Partner in the delivery of integrated business solutions to clients in a portfolio approach. More specifically, provide operational services such as provision of compensation and benefits information to employees and managers, coordination of talent acquisition (i.e. recruitment and staffing) processes, file and information management and maintenance, coordination of various operational processes and provision of administrative services to the work unit.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

HR Business Solutions Delivery

Support the HR Business Partner in the development and maintenance of integrated HR business solutions delivery to clients. More specifically:

  • Gather and analyze information on clients’ business needs, workforce, HR best practices and produce various reports to support the HR Business Partner in the delivery of HR planning and strategic advice to clients.

  • Identify new opportunities for HR to add value to the business.

  • Participate in working groups aiming to improve or develop HR processes or programs. Bring an operational perspective and contribute to the development of workflows and work mapping  to improve efficiency of services.

  • Prepare various presentations, handouts, working tools or other material and may participate in the delivery of information sessions to employees aiming at increasing knowledge on various benefits, HR processes and programs.

  • Promote and coordinate recruitment activities that go beyond the client portfolio such as the student employment program, the program officer promotional committee, etc.

  • Act as first point of contact for employees and liaise with external stakeholders to get and provide information on talent acquisition and benefit administration.

Talent Acquisition

Coordinate talent acquisition processes for client portfolios to ensure a smooth flow of activities. More specifically:

  • Coordinate staffing files by opening files, ensuring all information is well captured and up-to-date and closing files at the end of the process.

  • Prepare all documentation required to advertise positions by developing job posters, identifying the best way to reach targeted candidates for the position (websites, social media and organizations), developing accurate job details, ensuring high quality translations of all documentation, creating and administering position in on-line application system, etc.

  • Resolve technical issues related to the on-line application system and answer questions from candidates on the staffing process.

  • As needed, provide support to the HR Business Partner in identifying/developing pre-screening questions and selection tools and pre-screening candidates based on essential requirements.

  • Coordinate candidate interviews using various online systems including scheduling of interviews and tests with candidates (including language testing), coordinating travel requirements for international candidates and prepare materials and equipment to ensure the interviews can be conducted timely and efficiently.

  • Prepare all documentation related to talent acquisition in the client portfolio (letters of offer, benefits package, etc.) and ensure distribution and follow-up with successful candidates.

  • Ensure all employees meet employment requirements (work permits, visas, etc.)

  • Prepare reports on temporary staffing situations such as renewal of terms, acting appointments, casuals, assignments, etc., inform the HR Business Partner then take appropriate action on them.

  • Collaborate with external stakeholders to attract members of employment equity groups on job vacancies in IDRC.Work in collaboration with other HR Business Partners and HR Officers in balancing the workload among various portfolios, meaning work may be performed in other portfolios when necessary.

  • Coordinates security clearance activities for Centre employees and new hires and liaises with the Centre Security Officer on related issues.

Compensation and Benefits

Inform employees about their pay and benefits and perform administrative services related to compensation and benefits. More specifically:

  • Coordinate and inform employees upon hire on the appropriate total compensation package provided by IDRC including pay, benefits, insurances, pension plan, Centre policies  and working conditions (e.g. hours of work, vacation, teleworking, etc.) and support new employees and managers in the accurate completion of all required documentation. More complex cases are discussed or referred to the HR Business Partner or to the relevant HR specialist.

  • Provide information, interpret and explain entitlements to employees and/or managers regarding periods of leave, both with and without pay, and various insurance coverages. Discuss or refer complex cases (such as the impending exhaustion of sick leaves, questions from overseas and locally-engaged staff on allowances and benefits and any other potential conflictual situation) to either the HR Business Partner or the Global Compensation Specialist.

  • Prepare all documentation related to the different life events in the client portfolio (letters for leave without pay, retirement, end of employment, etc.) and inform employees of their benefits entitlement.

  • Advise employees of new or modifications to their benefits and ensures the necessary documents are correctly completed and transmitted to the appropriate authority (payroll, insurance carriers).

Information Management

Responsible for data entry and quality control of information in systems for their portfolio as well as the preparation of various reports for HR Business Partners and HR management. More specifically:

  • Maintain the data of the HRM system and benefit carriers systems related to employees, staffing activities, compensation and benefits, leaves, official languages, etc., as well as information on positions within the job classification database to ensure that accurate information is available and easily accessible.

  • Maintain the integrity of the data by controlling, verifying and analyzing data and information, ensuring accurate information, records and reports in cooperation with HR specialists and HRD managers.

  • Create custom reports and queries as required and analyze the information to provide accurate information to HR business partners and managers.

  • Maintain the IDRC organizational chart up-to-date on a regular basis.

  • Inform all stakeholders in the organization of any changes (reclassifications, new hires, departures, etc.) in order for them to adjust their system accordingly.

Job Scope

The Human Resources Coordinator is responsible for the smooth operations of all logistical aspects of HR Business Solutions in providing integrated HR services to a client portfolio. The incumbent of this position provides services and information to candidates applying on job openings in IDRC, coordinates staffing processes and provides information to new employees on their compensation package and working conditions. The HR Officer also provides support to IDRC employees on their compensation and benefits and supports them in the various life-events in IDRC such as leaves, retirement, insurance, etc. The incumbent has a direct impact on the quality of service and information provided to external candidates and internal employees that in turn also impacts on the image of the organization.