Human Resources Business Partner

Job Summary

The HR Business Partner represents the Human Resources Division with internal clients by delivering integrated HR business solutions aligned with and in support of IDRC’s strategic objectives and business plans including the HR Implementation Plan. The HR Business Partner provides professional HR leadership, advice and guidance to relevant internal clients within a portfolio approach, putting creative solutions in place to meet operational challenges, and to add value to the business. More specifically, the HR Business Partner, supported by the HR Coordinator and the HR Centre of Expertise, provides the delivery of strategic and operational solutions in the following areas: succession planning; talent acquisition; employee relations and performance management, compensation and benefits, talent engagement, learning and development, job classification and organizational design.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

HR Business Solutions Delivery

Develop and maintain business partnerships with client portfolios and provide HR strategic leadership, advice and guidance to meet business needs. More specifically:
•    Build and maintain partnerships with senior and middle management and other key stakeholders through deep knowledge and understanding of client’s business needs, concerns and issues. 
•    Within the assigned client group, work closely with the leadership team to ensure the alignment of business and people planning and development of HR strategies to support achievement of business outcomes.
•    Provide on-going strategic advice, and coaching to support middle and senior managers to engage employees and create and maintain a high performance climate and realize their business objectives.
•    Identify new opportunities for HR to add value to the business.
•    With the support of the HR Centre of Expertise, deliver relevant and impactful end-to-end HR processes and programs to client groups with the goal of achieving a high performance workforce. 
•    Participate in the delivery of information sessions to employees aiming at increasing knowledge on various HR policies and programs.
•    With the support of the HR Centre of Expertise, coach managers and facilitate sessions and discusions with management in order to increase their HR management capacity. 
•    Act as the first point of contact for portfolio clients.
•    Coordinate the work of the HR Coordinator on daily operations.

Talent Acquisition

Manage talent acquisition (i.e. recruitment and staffing) solutions for client portfolios to ensure the right people are hired, engaged and retained to meet the needs of the organization. More specifically:
•    Proactively discuss with middle and senior managers their future talent acquisition requirements to develop HR plans in line with the business strategy and support them in the implementation of these plans. 
•    Contribute to the development, promotion and implementation of IDRC’s  talent management strategy by working with the Talent Management Specialist
•    Manage all talent acquisition activities in his/her portfolio with the support of the HR Coordinator by working closely with hiring managers in analyzing requirements, developing talent acquisition strategies, developing selection tools and methods that maximize chances to find best candidates and supervising the work of selection committees. Participate in certain selection committees to ensure equity and transparency in the process or to develop new hiring managers.
•    Make employment offers including advising candidate of their salary based on the salary range provided by the Global Compensation Specialist and aligned with the internal relativity. Negociate salary within this range and discuss and resolve issues in cooperation with the Global Compensation Specialist on this matter.
•    Oversee talent acquisition processes by ensuring that hiring managers properly apply corporate policies and guidelines, staffing values as well as legislation related to Human Rights, Official Languages and Employment Equity, etc.
•    Provide advice to management on immigration rules that apply to the recruitment of foreign workers and support foreign workers on work permit and permanent residency requests and renewals.

Talent Onboarding and Professional Development

With the support of the Talent Management Specialist and the Learning and Development Officer, develop and implement various strategies to ensure a smooth integration of new employees as well as the professionnal development of existing employees, addressing learning gaps and helping to achieve business objectives. More specifically:
•    Facilitate a strong leadership and coaching culture by offering advice and proposing onboarding and professionnal development strategies to managers that align with current and future performance standards.
•    Provide advice and support to  middle and senior managers in the learning needs identification methods and in the development and implementation of sound strategies and activities to meet evolving business requirements.
•    With the support of the Learning and Development Officer, promote learning and orientation plans and coach managers in the development and implementation of onboarding and training activities to meet business priorities.

Employee Relations and Performance Management

Provide advice and support to middle and senior managers on employee relations and performance management in the assigned portfolio  to engage employees and create and maintain a high performance to realize business objectives. More specifically:
•    Provide advice and coach managers on how to manage performance and to provide efficient and timely feedback to employees.
•    Provide advice to middle and senior managers on performance management and support them in each step of the management of these cases by ensuring that the employees are clearly informed of their performance, work objectives and expectations are clear and well assessed and training or support activities are offered to employees. Discuss the evolution of each case with the manager and decide when the case should be transferred to the Labour and Employee Relations Specialist for a more formal process.
•    Oversee and coordinate processes related to probation in their portfolio and ensure employees get the right level of support and orientation and that cases of unsuccessful probation are managed properly.
•    Explain collective agreement and policy provisions and ensure their application within the organization. 
•    Facilitate discussions and mediate issues in order to find win-win solutions and resolve issues informally.
•    Oversee and provide advice on work reintegration of employees returning from  long-term leaves (disability or other).
•    Work in close cooperation with the Labour and Employee Relations Specialist on more difficult cases and on interpretation of the collective agreement and HR policies.

Compensation and Benefits

Provide support and advice to employees in regards to their global compensation package. More specifically:
•    Ensure that employees receive appropriate information on pay and benefits (explanation on net pays, insurances, leaves, pension plan, etc.) from the HR Coordinator when various life-events occurs (new hires, various leaves including child care leaves and leaves without pay, resignations, promotions, etc.).
•    Advise employees with regards to leave requests, retirement, disability management, etc.
•    Provide advice to management and employees on various options available in more complex cases to facilitate transitions and determine when the case should be discussed or transferred to the Global Compensation Specialist. 
•    Manage workforce adjustment situations in his/her client portfolio by providing advice to management and support surplus employees in their replacement or transition.   

Organizational Design and Job Classification

Provide advice to management on restructuring plans and on the day-to-day job classification work. More specifically:
•    Provide advice on restructuring options or reviewing of current structure in order to best meet business objectives and determine when the case should be discussed with Manager, HR Business Solutions.
•    Support management in the implementation of restructurings in cooperation with the Manager, HR Business Solutions.
•    Advise middle and senior managers and employees on job description writing and the job evaluation process in the organization and refer approved job descriptions for evaluation.


Indirect Supervision

Human Resources Coordinators, students and casual workers by assigning tasks, monitoring results, providing coaching and guidance and constructive feedback.

Job Scope

As HR Business Partner, contributes to medium and long-term planning of the HR Business Solutions activities and contributes significantly to the service delivery provided by the work unit. The incumbent consistently seeks for ways to improve efficiency and quality of the service delivery to clients keeping in mind their needs to achieve business objectives. 

As a business partner with expertise in HR Management, the HR Business Partner is responsible for proactively developing strategies and providing sound advice to managers on issues such as current and future staffing needs (i.e. HR planning and succession management), best practices and implementation of new programs and initiatives, current collective agreement and policy requirements governing HRM in the organization, legislation affecting HR management, etc. The impact is not only at the client portfolio level but also at the corporate level as they implement most of the HR initiatives and programs aiming at improving HR management in the organization.

As the first point of contact for HR issues for managers and employees, provides timely, accurate and up-to date strategic advice on best HR practices, corporate policies and legislation.

The incumbent is responsible to escalate disagreements and complex issues to the Manager, HR Business Solutions and/or the Manager, HR Centre of Expertise.