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Graphic Designer/Production Coordinator

Job Summary

  • Coordinates design and production of all print and CD publications;
  • Plans and manages all print and CD reproduction services;
  • Maintains policies for the proper use of IDRC graphic image in print, video, at displays, on CD, and on the Web;
  • Produces visual identities and “look and feel” for special events and meetings; and
  • Ensures the Centre’s consistent corporate visual identity.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Graphic Design and Image

  • Provides design and graphic services for print- and Web-based publishing;
  • Initiates designs and carries out production of IDRC corporate publications;
  • Develops designs for Web sites and printed material (ads, brochures, flyers, newsletters, etc.) from conception to final product;
  • Uses image editing, illustration, page layout, web page creation and layout software on both Macintosh and Windows systems. Is knowledgeable in cross-platform translation issues and software;
  • Creates line drawings, charts, and graphic elements for publication;
  • Selects and manipulates photographs electronically (scanning, image enhancement, colour correction, cropping, etc) for Web and print products;
  • Alters files supplied by graphic design firms to suit various needs;
  • Prepares final digital files for commercial printing;
  • Manages and maintains electronic files for official corporate and scientific publications produced by Communications;
  • Collaborates with members of Communications on production matters; and
  • Confers with others in the Centre and offers advice related to design, publishing, and implementation of the IDRC logo and Canada watermark.

Production and Management

  • Prepares and monitors a production schedule for each project (books, brochure, promotional material, flyers, scientific publication, Web site, CDs, etc...) integrating target dates such as manuscript delivery, editing, translating, illustration, design, approval, formatting, proofreading, printing,  and shipping.  Ensures that the production schedule is strictly observed and alerts if delays are foreseen in order to prevent any deferrals;
  • Manages multiple projects simultaneously, linked or not to a common special event;
  • Coordinates professional and services delivery contracts to develop specific web and printed communications products.  Procures appropriate suppliers through a competitive bidding process, ensuring that such suppliers meet appropriate standards of quality and service at reasonable cost;
  • Coordinates final approvals on blueprints of all publication and CDs;
  • Approves press proofs as required;
  • Inspects all publications ordered to ensure that they meet appropriate standards of quality and recommends acceptance or rejection of the product;
  • Advises the printing companies of confirmation of advance copies of publications and of time and place of delivery.  Receives and ensures the storage, recording, and retrieval of the materials of production for publications for future use. Determines the need to reprint publications; and
  • Reviews all production invoices to ensure that they conform to the original estimates or quotations.

Internal Services

  • Sets up and manages design meetings with the appropriate program or unit and advises groups on the best possible options for design and reproduction; and
  • Keeps abreast of new printing technologies, including the use of digital technologies for low print-run, alternative printing technologies such as print-on-demand.