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Executive Assistant - Vice-President, Programs and Partnerships

Job Summary

The Executive Assistant to the Vice-President, Programs and Partnership has a key role in providing confidential, operational and administrative support to the Vice-President and collaborating with the Senior Programs Advisor to ensure the smooth functioning of several aspects of the Branch operations. The Executive Assistant also performs a variety of office management related tasks, offers assistance as needed to others and assists with the information management functions in the Branch. This includes keeping current with the activities of IDRC, more specifically PPB; addressing or directing queries; establishing and maintaining effective communication and working relationships with internal and external contacts.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Operational and administrative activities of the VP’s Office  
  • Manages the day-to-day operational and administrative activities of the Vice-President by setting and monitoring his schedule, organizing the incoming flow of work, prioritizing requests, maintaining a monitoring system, and following-up to ensure timely responses; preparing  for meetings and arranging teleconferences often over different time zones.
  • Receives and prioritizes VP’s correspondence and takes action in drafting correspondence, and forwarding for action and/or distributing for information.
  • Obtains, compiles and extracts information from files, publications, internet, Centre databases and other sources to prepare documents and briefing papers.
  • Organizes, prepares documentation, and coordinates administrative and logistical arrangements for meetings.
  • Prepares all aspects of VP’s travel including: requesting special passport and visas, preparing expense statements and publishing travel expense reports on the internet.
  • Publish Echonet announcement regarding VP’s travel and vacation including who will be his replacement.

Support to PPB Management Team  

  • Assists the Management team with overall Branch activities and performs other related duties in accordance with instructions, working cohesively with the Branch’s Directors and their assistants.
  • Works closely with the Senior Programs Advisor  to ensure the smooth functioning of several aspects of Branch operations,
  • Makes arrangements for management meetings, drafts agendas, compiles and distributes background documentation.
  • Ensures common procedures are followed by the executive and program assistants in the Branch.
  • Audits the travel expense reports of staff reporting directly to the Vice-President.
  • Audits the expense reports for the executive assistants who purchase office supplies.
  • Maintains an up-to-date inventory of advertising and promotional material for the VP’s office area.
  • Deploys ergonomic and office furniture, based on the operational budget allocations.
  • Maintains employee records for the Branch.
  • Prepare, distribute and ensure reception of confidential correspondence relating to sensitive matters.
  • Monitors unused vacation by PPB staff at Head Quarter and reports any excess leave issues to the attention of the VP.
  • Maintains the Activity Reports of Program Management Staff and send a monthly report to HRD and keeps staff informed on their leave balances quarterly.
  • Maintains information on distribution and approved Program Offices FTEs within the each Program.
  • In collaboration with the Senior Programs Advisor , tracks Branch operational expenditures, reviews accounting reports, determines spending patterns, and plans for upcoming expenses.
  • Coordinates the Branch annual intake of summer students, from calculating how many can be hired according to budget and office space and splitting time with the different programs to collecting position profiles, distributing resumes  and process hiring notice.
  • Provides financial coding for all operational budget expense requests, including staffing authorizations and coordinates approval to ensure that the correct account is charged and that these requests are within approved policies and budget.
  • Prepares the annual travel budget for the Branch, including Branch Management and individual Programs, and tracks travel expenses for the Branch on a quarterly basis.
  • In collaboration with the Senior Programs Advisor :  tracks staffing changes, ensures the accuracy of staffing authorizations, tracks existing and vacant positions and related budgets, and ensures staffing changes in the Branch are accurately reflected in the corporate organizational chart and in the Program Matrix.
  • Maintains the PPB Intranet site, ensuring that key information is posted promptly, and ensures that information is retrievable, current and complete.
  • Performs other duties on her own initiative or in accordance with instructions from her supervisor by sharing workload with the Senior Programs Advisor  executive and program assistants within the Branch, developing team methods and procedures to ensure streamlining, efficiency, lack of duplication and a consistent application of process throughout the Branch.

Job Scope

The position of the Executive Assistant to the Vice-President, Programs and Partnerchip is critical in ensuring the efficient operation of the office.  This position is key in assisting the VP in managing and prioritizing competing demands for his time and attention.   The Assistant is expected to use her judgment in deciding when to act independently and when to involve the Vice-President.  The incumbent of this position is an active member of the PPB Management Group. The Assistant also plays an important role in assisting the VP in the punctual delivery of communications (i.e. to staff, CMC, BOG etc.), and in being proactive in terms of planning meetings/workshops/travel/speeches, etc.  The Assistant plays a coordinating role between the VPP’s office and Directors, the Executive Office and Regional staff as well as outside the Centre (eg.:  Global Affairs Canada,  consultants,  etc.).