Executive Assistant to the Vice-President, Corporate Strategy and Communications

Job Summary

Under the direction of the Vice-President, Corporate Strategy and Communications, and reporting to the Senior Corporate Strategy and Communications Advisor, the Executive Assistant provides secretarial and administrative support to the OVP-CSC, and in particular to the Vice-President; performing a variety of administrative, research, coordinating and logistical services in support of the operation of the Team.

The incumbent assists in the management of information within and between the Corporate Strategy and Communications Management sides of the team.  This includes keeping up to date on the Team’s current activities; responding to general external and internal requests for information; liaising with staff from the Divisions, Regional Offices, other Centre units, and representatives of other institutions

Primary Duties or Responsibilities


Establishes and operates an efficient office by providing secretarial and administrative support to the OVP-CSC, and in particular to the Vice-President.

Manages the day-to-day operational and administrative activities of the Vice-President by setting and monitoring her schedule, organizing the incoming flow of work, prioritizing requests, maintaining a monitoring system, and following-up to ensure timely responses; preparing  for meetings and arranging teleconferences often over different time zones.

Receives and prioritizes VP’s correspondence and takes action in drafting correspondence, and forwarding for action and/or distributing for information.  Responds to the VP’s electronic mail as requested by the VP (through manually forwarded messages, not through direct access to the mailbox).

Obtains, compiles and extracts information from files, publications, internet, Centre databases and other sources to prepare documents and briefing papers.

Contributes to managing information of the unit by serving as the SharePoint site administrator.

Organizes meetings, including but not limited to, contacting participants, preparing documentation for distribution, and coordinating administrative and logistical arrangements. Following the meetings, drafts minutes and circulates to participants.

Prepares all aspects of VP’s travel, from travel approval to preparing expense reports, trip program, and first draft of the trip report, etc. Assists in the preparation of expense reports of other employees in the VP’s office.

Issues purchase requisitions for supplies and equipment, dialogues with the Procurement Management unit on product alternatives and reviews requests for payments.

Assists in developing the CSC team’s budget by updating all budget files, assessing and making appropriate recommendations to the VP on expenditure levels and other related financial issues based on analysis of previous yearly trends and expenditures.

Reviews for policy compliance the expense reports that the VP approves (the President, two CSC Branch directors, and the other employees in the VP’s Office).

Serves as the low-value purchase coordinator for the Office of the VP and prepares the monthly A-card expense report.

Keeps and maintains the Activity Reports of the Office’s staff by collecting the completed forms, auditing and entering the data in the HRD spreadsheet, sending a monthly report to HRD and keeping the staff informed quarterly on their leave balances.

Updates the VP’s travel and vacation information on the Intranet.  Ensures that an acting VP is named and an ECHOnet announcement is released when the VP is away from the office.

Audits the travel expense reports of those staff members who report directly to the Vice-President. Audits the CC2 expense reports for the directors’ assistants.

Receives all visitors of the OVP-CSC.

CSC Management Team Responsibilities

Assists the Management team with overall Branch activities and performs other related duties in accordance with instructions, working cohesively with the Branch Directors and their assistants.

Participates in regular Branch Management meetings, making arrangements for meetings, drafting agenda, compiling and distributing background documentation, and acting as recording secretary.

Handles confidential and sensitive material related to staffing such as documents related to staffing controls and hiring on behalf of the Vice-President. Also, assists in the orientation and departure process of employees working in the Office of the VP, and of employees reporting to the VP.

Maintains personnel and human resources records for the Division.  Uses available information technologies to prepare confidential correspondence relating to personnel and other sensitive matters within the Division, distributes it to those assigned to receive it and ensures reception, especially those recipients in the regional offices or those who are on long travel status.

Maintains the leave and travel recording system for the Vice-President and the Directors and other employees reporting to the Vice-President; provides summary reports to VP and directors on a quarterly basis; and provides advice/guidelines on policy interpretation.

Sees to the designation of acting assignments in advance of the VP’s absence.

Serves as the Coordinator for the PRAS annual exercise by acting as the contact point for all PRAS information in the Branch and the President’s Office. Ensures the proper channel for signatures and coordination with Human Resources and appropriate Directors. Also acts as the coordinator for PRAS Committee chaired by the Vice-President.

  • In collaboration with the Vice-President, coordinates any committees or ad hoc working groups chaired by the Vice-President, including:Risk Management Committee
  • CSC Management Committee

Assists in the preparation of the agenda for committees, makes recommendations concerning the content of the agenda to ensure continuity and efficiency at the meetings and ensures that documentation is available and distributed for each meeting in a timely fashion. Following the meeting, drafts the minutes and follows up on outstanding items.

Takes care of the administrative process and documentation of the appointment of corporate (as opposed to Branch) committee members; and maintains those committees’ member lists up-to-date.

Corporate Responsibilities

Coordinates the submission to the office of the Corporate Secretary and General Counsel of Branch documents for Centre Management Committee and the Board (and its committees); reminds the various authors of the documents of the deadlines.

Organizes briefing meetings with CSC Branch staff following the Board meetings.

At the request of the VP, looks after the transmission of physical (as opposed to electronic) secret documents to the Secretariat of the Treasury Board.

Maintains the CSC Intranet site, ensuring that key information is posted promptly, and ensures that information is retrievable, current and complete.

Reviewing and editing text and presentations to ensure that content and format are consistent with established guidelines. Includes the oversight of the translation process with a view to ensuring that information is clear and consistent in both official languages.

Brings to the attention of the Vice-President documents that require her approval or the President’s approval.


Direct Supervision

Direct supervision of casual help (occasionally).

Indirect Supervision

Functional supervision of Office assistants. On a regular basis calls for meetings of the Office’s assistants, to encourage shared learning and to build a team atmosphere where problems can be mitigated in a collegial manner.

Job Scope

The position of the Executive Assistant to the Vice-President, Corporate Strategy and Communications is critical in ensuring the efficient operation of the office.  This position is key in assisting the VP in managing and prioritizing competing demands for his/her time and attention.

The Assistant is expected to use her judgement in deciding when to act independently and when to involve the Vice-President.

The Assistant also plays an important role in assisting the VP in the punctual delivery of communications (i.e. to staff, MEC, CMC, Board of Governors, etc.), and in being proactive in terms of planning meetings, workshops, travel, speeches, etc.

The Assistant plays a coordinating and liaison role between the VP’s office and the Branch Directors, the President’s Office and regional employees, as well as outside the Centre (eg.: Office of the Auditor General of Canada, Global Affairs Canada, consultants, Governors etc.)