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Employee Lounge Attendant

Job Summary

Under the direction of the Chief, Conference Management, the Employee Lounge Attendant is responsible to prepare coffee, beverages, and breakfast and lunch items to the customers of the Employee Lounge.  The incumbent also assists with food preparation for daily meals as well as ensure the Lounge is kept clean and organized.  The incumbent is also responsible to handle the collection of money from customers, balancing the cash register and submitting daily receipts for deposit.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

• Prepares coffee, tea and beverages as required.  Prepares muffins and other breakfast items on a daily basis as required for both the Employee Lounge and 8th floor events. The incumbent prepares breakfast items ordered by the Employee Lounge clientele and assists the kitchen team with food preparations (cutting, chopping and mixing).  The Employee Lounge Attendant also sets out pre-prepared daily luncheon menu selections (soup, sandwiches, salads, hot meal options), serves soup and hot dishes (salads and sandwiches are self-serve) and follows portion controls set by the Chef.
• Handles aspects related to the collection of money from customers, including programing the cash register with price change information.  The incumbent collects money in accordance with established price list and ensures all funds collected are recorded in the cash register. The Employee Lounge Attendant is responsible to prepare the daily cash register read out, reconcile the cash float with funds collected, prepares receipts and makes the deposit(s). The incumbent provides copies of all slips and receipts as well as monthly cash register read out to the Chief, Conference Management. Further, they are responsible to ensure that there is a sufficient cash float for daily operations. Additionally and as requested, the incumbent provides numbers of daily servings to the Chef.
• Ensures the Employee Lounge is kept clean and organized. The incumbent is responsible to clean the food service area (including dishes, utensils) as well as the microwaves and equipment as required. The incumbent must also ensure all employee lounge tables and chairs are cleaned regularly and that the servery is hygienic, functional and in conformance with applicable health regulations and guidelines. The incumbent is also responsible to ensure that the employee lounge equipment and appliances are maintained and kept in good working order and advises the Chief immediately of any problems or issues with equipment.
• Ensures the necessary level of beverage, breakfast and lunch condiments and supplies are on hand and available to customers. The incumbent must stock the cupboards and refrigerator with supplies, juice, milk, and other items.
• The incumbent provides the Chef with written request of stock requirements for bakery items, dairy products and all non-food stock items. The Employee Staff Lounge must also verify vending machines and orders replenishment with appropriate suppliers.
• Provides feedback to the Chief, Conference Management and the Chef with respect to popularity of dishes with Employee Lounge customers, and the quantity of food required on a day-to-day basis. The incumbent must have a good understanding of daily specials in order to explain and sell prepared foods to customers. The Employee Lounge Attendant communicates regularly with the Chef in regards to any dietary or other questions regarding menu/food questions.
• Assists with conference floor events as required and perform other related duties as required.

Job Scope

The scope of the Employee Lounge Attendant is to support food preparation, food delivery, and food service under the ospis of the Conference Management unit.  The incumbent serves as a front-line (outward facing) employee who must reflect IDRC`s core values.