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Director, Communications

Job Summary

  • Conceives, plans and implements a communications strategy to ensure support for IDRC on the part of Canadian decision-makers who are responsible for the future of the Centre and that meets the needs of the Centre in its dealings with its partners, the public, the media and scientists, in Canada and abroad;
  • Designs and implements, in cooperation with the other units of the Centre, communications strategies that support the adoption of research results by decision-makers;
  • Designs, plans, and manages the Centre’s publication and dissemination activities, involving both electronic and printed media;
  • Advises the President and senior management on communications issues;
  • Manages a team of communications specialists and the accompanying budget;
  • Acts as the spokesperson for the Centre, as required; and
  • Designs and implements an image of the Centre that is consistent with the image of the Government of Canada and respects the Official Languages Act.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities


  • Identifies, analyzes, and evaluates the needs of the Centre in the field of communications, first, on the basis of the priority needs expressed by senior management, then as a function of the external environment, appropriate technical and strategic means, and target audiences: decision-makers and the Canadian public, as well as journalists, development experts and scientists, in Canada and abroad;
  • Advises the President and members of senior management on appropriate communications strategies;
  • Evaluates the political, public, scientific, and technical environments in which the Centre functions; and
  • Establishes alliances with strategic partners in Canada and abroad with a view to promoting common objectives and enhancing understanding of the importance of international development assistance.


  • Develops and implements communications strategies and plans that meet the needs of the Centre and ensure that the Centre benefits fully from the potential of communications in the pursuit of its objectives; and
  • Develops and implements internal communications strategies.


  • Directly ensures that funds allocated to the Communications Division and to special projects (e.g., design and implementation of a Web management system) are used efficiently.


  • Puts in place the mechanisms required to increase and maintain the quality of the Centre’s communications products and ensures that they are in compliance with the rules laid down by Treasury Board and by the Official Languages Act.


  • Evaluates the impact of communications products and activities by means of mechanisms and consultations with in-house and external clients.
  • Attends meetings of the Senior Management Committee and other committees (Human Resources Management Committee, the Centre’s Information and Communications committees).


  • Inspires, motivates, coordinates and directs a team of some 20 communications specialists;
  • Directly supervises two team leaders and one administrative assistant; and
  • Indirectly supervises 16 other people.