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Coordinator, Evaluation Unit

Job Summary

The Evaluation Unit Coordinator is expected to:

  • Provide assistance to Unit staff in program, project and financial management for a budget of approximately $1M plus earmarked and special project funds;
  • Coordinate the Unit’s administration of an average of 26 contractual agreements, coordinate arrangements for an average of 35 participant and consultant trips and 15 Unit staff trips, 10 local meetings and 3 international meetings each year;
  • Coordinate and provide assistance to the Director in providing key reports to Centre management; to other partners including co-funders;
  • Act as a focal point for requests for information to the Evaluation Unit and dissemination internally and externally;
  • Maintain efficient office operation to ensure delivery of Unit programs and activities in a timely and cost-effective fashion and provide for quality control; and
  • Keep the Unit current with Centre policies and procedures.

In doing so, this position has direct and indirect impact both internally and externally, at a Corporate/ Centre-wide level and also among the external donor community (both Canadian and international).

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Program Coordination and Liaison

Under the supervision of the Director:

  • Coordinates and centralizes all information relating to the Units activities;
  • Acts as first point of contact for inquiries (both internal and external) about Centre evaluation systems and practices;
  • Makes recommendations relating to administrative and operational processes to improve the work of the Unit;
  • Supports the Unit in coordinating meetings, maintaining meeting schedules and agendas, and taking minutes;
  • Keeps current with Centre policies and procedures and disseminates information to Unit staff on changes to Centre policies and procedures;
  • Provides guidance and assistance to all Unit staff with respect to efficient, timely and cost-effective program delivery within the context of Centre policies and priorities;
  • Coordinates the planning and organization of technical and administrative meetings and workshops, compiles and disseminates background documentation;
  • Holds corporate credit card for President’s Office staff travel and is responsible for review and reconciliation of monthly statements; and
  • Responsible for monitoring and recording the unit’s attendance records and Performance Appraisal processes.


Under the supervision of the Director:

  • Establishes and maintains an efficient office operation to ensure delivery of programs and activities in a timely and cost-effective fashion and provide for overall quality control in office systems and outputs;
  • Responds to or acts upon items that do not require the direct attention of the Director, or Program Officers(s);
  • Provides GAD with information required for input into the Grants and Project Management System and EPIK;
  • Coordinates the work of summer students, interns, casual help, and contractual staff working for the Unit on special projects;
  • Determines the structure of, and maintains, the Unit’s filing system and photo and publication libraries;
  • Maintains confidential records for the Evaluation Unit and prepares confidential correspondence relating to personnel and other sensitive matters within the Unit;
  • Proofreads documents produced by Unit staff; and
  • Arranges for visas directly at the consulates and verifies expense statements for approval by the Director.


  • Reviews and monitors the budget on a monthly basis and reports regularly to the Director;
  • Administers and monitors the Units program and operational expenditures and prepares financial information;
  • Approves requisitions for courier services, reproduction, petty cash reimbursements and approves properly supported and authorized invoices for payment to a maximum of $1000;
  • Assists Financial Services with the preparation of quarterly financial reports and financial highlights; and
  • Prepares for the Directors approval, the Units operational and program budgets.

Information Management

Under the supervision of the Director and in consultation with Program Officers:

  • Manages the R-PCR minding process and keeps file up to date, including EPIK and iRIMS data entry and monitoring;
  • Liaises with Unit staff and GAD as required, on matters relating to grants and outstanding legal documents and payments;
  • Using available resources and applications (such as EPIK) retrieves and aggregates information on projects supported by the Unit;
  • Maintains the Evaluation Inventory;
  • Maintains the Unit book and article collection, including shipping and tracking the distribution of publications, ordering maintaining an inventory of the collection;
  • Maintains pipeline and travel budget up to date;
  • Maintains inventory of Unit presentation and promotional materials;
  • Maintains and updates Unit databases and mailing lists;
  • Coordinates or carries out, as required, large mailings of Unit documents;
  • Ensures Unit announcements are posted on ECHOnet;
  • Periodically does documentary and web-based research in support of Unit activities;
  • Prepares responses to public requests for information, materials, advice and speaking engagements by Unit members; and
  • In consultation with Unit staff, serves as website Editor and maintains, updates, edits and uploads content to, the Unit Website.