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Compensation Services Advisor

Job Summary

The Compensation Services Advisor is accountable for the effective provision of professional advisory services for a full range of compensation and benefits services, including but not limited to insurance, pension, leave, disability management, and termination benefits to head office and foreign employees employed in Canada, for the effective functioning of the internal leave system and for providing other services in order to ensure that employees and managers are aware of, appreciate and benefit from the total compensation package available within IDRC.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Provides a full range of compensation advisory services to head office employees and managers with varied backgrounds including providing induction information, on-going education and case management services, and termination advice and counselling to managers and employees in order to assist in the correct understanding, enrolment and application of compensation and benefits packages available at IDRC.

  • Counsels employees upon hire and provides guidance regarding the total compensation package provided by IDRC including pension, benefits and insurance and supports new employees and managers in the accurate completion of all required documentation.
    • Discusses options and/or interprets and explain legislative, pension, and/or policy requirements, particularly for those whose circumstances are atypical.
  • Investigates and resolves issues that have arisen with IDRC-sponsored benefits through maintaining discussion with outside organizations such as hospitals, employment insurance, other government departments, and insurance companies.
  • Advises employees of new benefits or modifications to benefits as required for IDRC and ensures the necessary documents are correctly completed and transmitted to the appropriate authority (payroll, insurance carriers).
  • Counsels, interprets and explains entitlements to employees and/or managers regarding periods of leave, both with and/or without pay:
  • Analyzes and outlines a series of options for departing employees in order to assist in understanding their entitlements
    • Calculates retiring allowance, severance, and leave payouts as applicable.
    • Verifies if employee has debts to Centre and communicates with employee on recovery of funds.
    • Meets with employees prior to departure to explain procedures, payment options and entitlements, particularly to provide guidance with pension options, transfers, taxation issues, etc.
  • Coordinates the annual Performance Review and Assessment System (PRAS) salary adjustment process with Senior Advisor, Global Compensation.

Manages the relocation of foreign employees to Canada and provides personalized assistance in understanding the complex compensation, allocation and allowance system supplied by IDRC and the broader financial and social implications of working in Canada.

  • Provides on-going advice and education regarding the legislative requirements of Canada and its provinces including background regarding requirement to obtain SIN card, Canada Pension Plan, taxation, cost of living, and financial obligations in areas such as mortgages, credit and so on to individuals not accustomed to Canadian practices
  • Counsels and educates new employees on the requirements for work permits, OHIP, immigration, and so on, assisting them in appreciating the various systems and in properly completing and maintaining their documentation
  • Prepares and ensures a correct understanding of the contractual requirements of IDRC in areas such as relocation allowances, salary, benefits, insurance etc.

Conducts in-depth research and analysis and provides advice in support of the employee enrolment transfer and/or termination of pension plan membership.

  • Researches previous service records including investigating leaves and secondments with previous employers to ensure appropriate calculation of previous service estimates to purchase elective service. Analyses, estimates and provides employee with detailed information on cost and effect on final pension benefit.
  • Provides pension estimates to assist employees in retirement planning.
  • Acts as liaison between employees and Superannuation Directorate and ensures that enrolment, termination, and/or retirement forms are completed and submitted to pension administrators.

Manages the internally operated Leave Management system for assigned portfolio of clients ensuring correct administration and use of entitlements.

  • Administers annual, sick, and compensatory leave for Head Office staff.
  • Monitors and ensures proper application of leave policies.
  • Monitors monthly summary Attendance Records in cooperation with divisional leave representatives.
  • Prepares final year end report necessary for calculation of leave accruals and informs employees of excess leave balances.
  • Obtains and explains benefit continuation cost estimates. Ensures that timely payments are made to IDRC in accordance to Centre policy, and pension and insurance regulations.
  • Monitors LWOP and maternity leave in order to inform payroll of any modifications to each case.
  • Ensures the provision of training to divisional leave representatives on leave management and the on-going update of the Leave Administration Manual, as required.

Provides staff relations advice and guidance to employees and/or managers including interpreting policy and providing advice on the resolution of contentious issue.

Manages and coordinates disability management services on behalf of IDRC for assigned portfolio of clients.

  • Manages the processing and follow-up of all Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and Long Term Disability cases.
  • Works with Health Services on operational issues concerning their full-time or part-time return to work.
  • Acts as coordinator for each case ensuring that information is shared with LTD provider, employee, employee's manager, and Health Services.
  • On a monthly basis, provides reports and reviews cases in relation to leave and salary administration in order to ensure correct use of benefits.

Serves as corporate representative for Personnel Security administration.

  • Determines and continually updates the correct level of security clearance required for each position and ensure the maintenance of all security records.
  • Facilitates the enrolment process by providing guidance to employees in non-standard situations such as those with a number of international assignments, relocations and missing information
  • Provides the interface between external agencies such as CSIS and the RCMP in order to interpret policy and expedite difficult cases

Provides professional advice and support to the Manager, Senior Advisor, Global Compensation and colleagues in order to maintain and continuously improve the policies, processes, practices and services of the area.

  • Identifies, analyzes and discusses issues, trends and cases with Compensation staff on a regular basis to identify problems that exist or may develop regarding pay, benefits, and/or employee relations.
  • Participates in the development, makes recommendations and implements new policies, processes and practices.
  • Participates in other compensation initiatives and projects such as salary surveys, benefits reviews, insurance policy renewals, compensation policy development and business continuity planning.