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Open Data for Development

The Open Data for Development (OD4D) program brings together a network of leading implementing partners who have a wealth of experience in developing countries.

Together, they are harnessing open data initiatives to enhance transparency and accountability, and to facilitate public service delivery and citizen participation. The goal of the OD4D program is to scale innovations that are working, and to strengthen coordination among other open data initiatives to ensure they benefit people in developing countries.

Partnership objectives

The OD4D program’s global network will facilitate and scale innovative approaches to open data to ensure benefits reach citizens in developing countries. Combining research and action to address scaling and sustainability of open data for development initiatives is key to the network’s success.

The program has five objectives:

  • To help developing-country governments, entrepreneurs, and civil society create and implement national and global action plans to harness open data for development;
  • To support developing-country governments to plan, execute, and manage national open data initiatives;
  • To increase reuse of open data in developing countries by supporting appropriate data standards, guidelines, solution-driven applications, and demand-side capacity, helping to bring about social and economic innovation;
  • To better understand the relationship between open data initiatives and socio-economic development, informing the quality and reach of future open data initiatives; and
  • To build the institutional capacity and long-term sustainability of the OD4D network.

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