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The role of small business in Aedes control technologies

Call for
Technology and Innovation
24 months
Funded by
IDRC and the São Paolo Research Foundation (FAPESP)
Projects up to CA$200,000 each
Point of contact
Contact at IDRC: Lucy Gray-Donald; Contact at FAPESP: Patricia Tedeschi

Applicants must be from the State of São Paulo (submission to FAPESP) or from other states of Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico (submission to IDRC). While FAPESP will exclusively accept proposals from small businesses, IDRC will accept proposals from small businesses or institutions working with small businesses.

Proposals with an exclusive focus on the uptake or replication of Aedes control technologies with an existing solid evidence-based assessment of its efficacy will not be eligible.


The scope focuses on the development and/or testing of novel technologies that effectively decrease the abundance and/or exposure to Aedes mosquitoes. In Latin America and the Caribbean, viruses carried by Aedes mosquitoes have resulted in major burdens of disease caused by Zika, dengue, and chikungunya. The call aims to promote and assess the role of small business in the development of novel Aedes control technologies that will assist public health systems in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico to prevent and manage threats and outbreaks of Aedes transmitted diseases.

FAPESP will support two grants to small businesses from the State of São Paulo, while IDRC will support two grants for small businesses or institutions working with small businesses from other states of Brazil, Colombia, or Mexico. For this call, IDRC and FAPESP will contribute the equivalent of CA$400,000 each. A maximum equivalent to CA$200,000 will be available for each project over 24 months.

More details

The four winning grants (two funded by FAPESP from the State of São Paulo and two funded by IDRC for grantees from other states of Brazil or from Colombia or Mexico) should not be joint or linked proposals. Proposals should be submitted as separate entities. Winning proposals will be invited to an initial workshop and a final workshop where working relationships or exchanges will be promoted but are not required. Each grant will have a duration of up to a two years.

Proposals submitted to IDRC do not require the involvement of more than one state of Brazil or more than one country. IDRC proposals may involve more than one small business or institution from the three eligible countries (from the same or different countries) but proposals must be submitted by only one institution or small business acting as lead applicant. IDRC will only negotiate funding agreements with the lead applicant organization of the proposal. 

Applicants from the State of São Paulo must apply following these instructions. Applicants from other states of Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico must follow the IDRC submission guidelines (PDF, 461KB) for developing a full proposal. Access the full call for proposals (PDF, 171KB).

If you are eligible for this opportunity we welcome you to submit an application.