Narrowing the climate data gap for improved project preparation in cities

Site of the meeting of Bajenu Gox, association of women partners and ISMEA initiative in the district of Kaolack, Senegal”.
IDRC / Sylvain Cherkaoui
Event date:
November 04, 2020
6:00am - 8:00am

Join IDRC’s Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa, Kathryn Toure, and Dr. Meggan Spires, Senior Manager for Climate Change, Energy and Resilience at ICLEI-Africa, as they facilitate a fascinating discussion on improving data access for better climate adaptation planning in urban centres. Part of the Local Climate Solutions for Africa conference.

As part of the Local Climate Solutions for Africa (LoCS4Africa) 2020 conference, IDRC and ICLEI-Africa are leading the virtual session “Narrowing the climate data gap for improved project preparation in cities.” This session will bring together a diverse panel to consider the role of data and evidence in supporting the preparation and funding of robust climate change projects.

Climate change, service provision, skills development, and sustainable governance systems are pressing challenges in sub-Saharan Africa’s urban centres, but local governments often lack the necessary mechanisms to effectively harness the necessary information and relationships for inclusive governance and decision-making to build regional climate resilience.

To deal with these challenges and harness solutions, governments need innovative ways to engage with research, community and private sector institutions.

This session will unpack how cities, through innovative collaborations, can improve the feasibility of climate adaptation projects by accessing and using data to develop robust, evidence-based proposals, with an appropriate rationale for climate finance.

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