Little Gandhi: The lost truth of the Syrian uprising

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Event date:
February 25, 2017
The Mayfair Theatre
1074 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON
3:30pm - 6:00pm

What is at the origin of the war that has displaced millions of Syrians, forcing them out of their homes to seek safety in foreign lands? This 90-minute film tells the story of Syrian peace activist Ghiyath Matar, who earned the nickname Little Gandhi. It documents the early days of the Syrian revolution, when resistance was still unarmed.

The movie won the Best Foreign Documentary Award at the 21st International Family Film Festival in Los Angeles, in October 2016, and the Ahmed Khedr Award for Excellence in Arab Filmmaking at the Independent European Film Festival, in April 2016.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the film’s director, Sam Kadi; Radwan Ziadeh, executive director of the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies (SCPSS); and Roula El-Rifai, senior program specialist from IDRC.

The documentary is part of broader IDRC-supported research on the Syrian conflict and the country’s future, carried out by the SCPSS.

Admission is free, but please register for the event. Registration does not guarantee your seat so please arrive early.

The movie is in Arabic with English subtitles.

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International Family Film Festival Winner laurels  Winner Excellence in Filmaking ECU-THE European Independent Film Festival 2016 laurels