Live chat with IDRC President Jean Lebel

Join us for a 45-minute live chat with Dr. Jean Lebel, president of the International Development Research Centre, to discuss how your experiences as a Queen Elizabeth scholar have shaped your personal and professional goals, and your vision for research for development.

The chat will start on November 9 at 1:00 p.m. EST (GMT – 4 hours)

To connect to the live chat

  • Click on the field “Click here to join the conversation…” in the chat window above

  • A dialogue box will appear with three login options: Guest, Twitter, and Facebook

  • To connect using your Facebook or Twitter account, click on the Facebook or Twitter option and follow the instructions on your screen

  • If you don’t have a twitter or a Facebook account or prefer to connect as a guest, click on the “Guest” connection option, type your name, and click Login

  • Your username will appear in the list of participants on the left hand side of the chat window

  • To write a message, click on the field “Type a message” at the bottom of the chat window, and start typing your message. Once you are finished, press Enter

To disconnect from the live chat

Press the power button icon  on the bottom left hand site of the chat window to disconnect. 

Read our instructions and the Questions and Answers to learn more on how to participate 


The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is a Crown corporation that funds research in developing countries to promote growth, reduce poverty, and drive large-scale positive change. IDRC’s contribution expanded the Queen Elizabeth Scholars program to support doctoral researchers, post-doctoral fellows and early career researchers from Canada and the Global South.

Dr. Jean Lebel was appointed President of IDRC in May 2013. As President, he leads the Centre’s contributions to Canada’s development, foreign policy, and global innovation efforts. He holds a PhD in environmental sciences from l’Université du Québec à Montréal and an MScA in occupational health sciences from McGill University.