IDRC is committed to improving lives and livelihoods by supporting research that addresses critical international development issues. One of the important ways that IDRC and our grantees help to bring about positive change is through our book publishing program, where we share our research results and findings with other researchers, policymakers, and communities globally.

Explore our book collection from the last 25 years below, all free for digital download. Hundreds more IDRC books, published from the 1970s to the 1990s, are available through the  IDRC Digital Library.


Book cover Evictions and the Right to Housing: Experience from Canada, Chile, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, and South Korea

The right to housing is a basic human right.

Editor(s): Antonio Azuela, Emilio Duhau, and Enrique Ortiz
Publisher(s): IDRC
ISBN: Out of Print
Book cover Languages of Instruction: Policy Implications for Education in Africa

This synopsis report was prepared under the auspices of the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) Working Group on Educational Research and Policy Analysis (WGER&PA), in

Editor(s): Working Group on Educational Research and Policy Analysis, ADEA
Publisher(s): IDRC
ISBN: Out of print
Book cover Habitat et environnement urbain au Viet-Nam: Hanoi et Hô Chi Minh-Ville

With an annual income of approximately $200 US per capita, the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam is one of the world’s poorest countries.

Editor(s): René Parenteau
Publisher(s): Karthala, IDRC
ISBN: 2865377806
Book cover Communicating with Adolescents about AIDS: Experience from Eastern and Southern Africa

This book presents an assessment of HIV/AIDS communication tools aimed at the youth of eastern and southern Africa.

Publisher(s): IDRC
ISBN: Out of print
Book cover Community Assessment of Natural Food Sources of Vitamin A: Guidelines for an Ethnographic Protocol

This manual presents a practical step-by-step guide for assessing various aspects of natural food sources of vitamin A within a community and is essential for any research program involved in allev

Publisher(s): INFDC, IDRC
ISBN: Out of print
Book cover The Bottom Line: Industry and the Environment in South Africa

All economic activity depends on the environment.

Editor(s): L. Bethlehem and M. Goldblatt
Publisher(s): UCT Press, IDRC
ISBN: Out of print
Book cover Regional Integration and Cooperation in West Africa: A Multidimensional Perspective

This books examines the failure of regional integration and cooperation to date in West Africa and explores some of the options for the revitalization of such initiatives.

Editor(s): R. Lavergne
Publisher(s): Africa World Press, IDRC
ISBN: Out of print
Book cover Politique Sociale en Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre

The author, Hamadou Konate is a native of Mali and a philosopher and medical anthropologist.

Publisher(s): IDRC
ISBN: Out of print
Book cover An Assault on Poverty: Basic Human Needs, Science, and Technology

Does science and technology (S&T) truly have a part to play in meeting basic human needs?

Publisher(s): UNCTAD, IDRC
ISBN: Out of print
Book cover Using Diversity: Enhancing and Maintaining Genetic Resources On-farm

Conservation of threatened, farmer-developed varieties and the breeding and selection of new cultivars are often seen as distinct activities and the concerns of different organizations.

Editor(s): Louise Sperling and Michael Loevinsohn
Publisher(s): IDRC
ISBN: Out of print