IDRC is committed to improving lives and livelihoods by supporting research that addresses critical international development issues. One of the important ways that IDRC and our grantees help to bring about positive change is through our book publishing program, where we share our research results and findings with other researchers, policymakers, and communities globally.

Explore our book collection from the last 25 years below, all free for digital download. Hundreds more IDRC books, published from the 1970s to the 1990s, are available through the  IDRC Digital Library.


Book cover Palestinian Refugees: Challenges of Repatriation and Development

The Palestinian refugee issue remains a central component of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Publisher(s): I.B. Tauris, IDRC
ISBN: 9781845113117
Book cover Industrial Innovation and Environmental Regulation: Developing Workable Solutions

What role should governments play in protecting the environment and controlling the environmental impacts of industry?

Publisher(s): UNU Press, IDRC
ISBN: 9789280811278
Book cover The Media and the Rwanda Genocide

The news media played a crucial role in the 1994 Rwanda genocide: local media fuelled the killings, while the international media either ignored or seriously misconstrued what was happening. 

Publisher(s): Pluto Press, Fountain Publishers, IDRC
ISBN: 0745326250
Book cover Digital Poverty: Latin American and Caribbean Perspectives

This book examines the problem of inadequate access to information and communication technology (ICT) and the need to develop appropriate pro-poor ICT policies within the Latin American and Caribbe

Publisher(s): Practical Action Publishing, IDRC
ISBN: 9781853396632
Book cover Paz, conflicto y sociedad civil en América latina y el Caribe

This volume is a collection of studies conducted by the Coordinadora Regional de Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales (CRIES) into the problems of civil society and armed or violent conflicts in L

Publisher(s): CRIES, Icaria, IDRC
ISBN: 9788474269154
Book cover Food Soverignty and Uncultivated Biodiversity in South Asia: Essays on the Poverty of Food Policy and the Wealth of the Social Landscape

This publication explores the meaning of agriculture and guides the reader into new territory, where food, ecology, and culture converge.

Author(s): Farhad Mazhar, Daniel Buckles, P.V. Satheesh, and Farida Akhter
Publisher(s): Academic Foundation, IDRC
ISBN: 9788171885586
Book cover Escalonando la agroecologia: Procesos y aprendizajes de cuatro experiencias en Chile, Cuba, Honduras y Perú

The agroecological approach has become widespread in Latin America over the last decades, increasingly attracting the attention of several sectors, from the most academic through public and private

Author(s): Claudia Ranaboldo and Carlos Venegas
Publisher(s): Plaza y Valdés, IDRC
ISBN: 9789707220555
Book cover Construyendo la democracia en sociedades posconflicto: Un enfoque comparado entre Guatemala y El Salvador

Author(s): Dinorah Azpuru, Ligia Blanco, Ricardo Córdova Macías, Nayelly Loya Marín, Carlos G. Ramos, and Adrián Zapata
Publisher(s): F&G Editores, IDRC
ISBN: 9789992261644
Book cover Le développement face à la pauvreté: Réseau analyse économique et développement

More than ever, the international community is committed to the struggle against poverty.

Publisher(s): Economica, AUF, IDRC
ISBN: 2717851038

This book addresses the understanding and alleviation of poverty, inequality, and inequity using a unique and broad mix of concepts, measurement methods, statistical tools, software, and practical

Author(s): Jean-Yves Duclos and Abdelkrim Araar
Publisher(s): Springer, IDRC
ISBN: 0387333177