Voices for Change: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in China

Book cover Voices for Change: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation in China
Ronnie Vernooy, Sun Qiu, and Xu Jianchu
150 pages

The new and powerful methodology of participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) is gaining wide use amongst international development agencies and research institutions around the world. PM&E brings together both researchers and stakeholders, such as farmers, government officials, and extension workers, to monitor and assess development activities.

This book is the first to reflect upon the introduction, implementation, and assessment of a PM&E training program. It documents a PM&E training process in Yunnan and Guizhou provinces, China, illustrating how PM&E can strengthen the learning and accountability of research teams and, consequently, the effectiveness of their research work. Using concrete examples, this book shows that it is not only what is being assessed that matters, but also who is doing the assessment and for whom the assessments are intended.

The editors

Ronnie Vernooy is Senior Program Specialist in environment and natural resources at the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa, Canada.

Xu Jianchu is Director of the Department of Ethnobotany at the Kunming Institute of Botany in Kunming, China.

Sun Qiu is Director of the Centre for Integrated Rural Development Research at the Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Guiyang, China.