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The University as an Institution Today: Topics for Reflection

Alfonso Borrero Cabal
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The second half of this century has witnessed a global boom in higher education. Today, in both the developing and industrialized worlds, the vital role of higher education in society is accepted. However, as the end of the second millennium draws near, we must reflect upon the university as an institution; we must look at its accomplishments, examine its failures, and chart a course for its future.

The University as an Institution Today interweaves the themes of history, theory, and administration in probing the fundamentals of the university ideal. Its philosophy, missions, functions, objectives, structures, and service to culture and professions are all rigorously examined. The result is a unique reference book that will captivate and guide its reader through the university and the world of higher education today.

The author

A Colombian philosopher, theologian, architectural historian, and educator, Father Alphonso Borrero Cabal, S.J., is an internationally recognized expert in the field of higher education. He has served on the Council of the United Nations University, as Rector of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, and is currently Executive Director of the Colombian Association of Universities, Director of the Permanent Symposium on University, and Director of the journal Mundo Universitario.