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TICs en las PYMES de Centroamérica: Impacto de la adopción de las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación

Ricardo Monge-González, Cindy Alfaro-Azofeifa, and José I. Alfaro-Chamberlain

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The digital revolution, information and communication technologies (ICTs), and globalization pose new challenges for the successful performance of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), especially in developing countries. What level of access to computers and the Internet do MSMEs really have? How is this technology used by these enterprises? What is the impact of these technologies on micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprise performance? Based on an extensive field study undertaken in five Central-American countries, the authors’ examination of these and other questions has resulted in a set of policy recommendations aimed at improving MSME competitiveness in the information economy.

The authors

This book was written by Ricardo Monge-González, economist and Executive Director of the CAATEC Foundation; Cindy Alfaro-Azofeifa, economist and Project Assistant for the CAATEC foundation; and José I. Alfaro-Chamberlain, Business Administrator and Associate Consultant for CAATEC.