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The Politics of Trade: The Role of Research in Trade Policy and Negotiation

Diana Tussie
Republic of Letters, Brill, IDRC

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Drawing on internal political contexts and external influences on the policy process, this book illustrates the growing relevance of research in increasingly contested settings designed to support a particular cause.

The rising era of post-paradigmatic wars in the field of international trade has narrowed ideological differences making policy more porous to independent research. But whose ideas matter? When? And how do actors make them matter? Why are some of the ideas that circulate in the research–policy arenas picked up and acted on, while others are ignored and disappear?’ Is demand-driven research most likely to effectively influence policy?

The episodes of trade policy change and negotiations included in this volume show the growing relevance of commissioned research in increasingly contested settings designed from the beginning to support a particular cause-research not as independent truth waiting to be “hooked,” but as instrumental and supportive to policy decisions taken on other grounds.

The editor

Diana Tussie is Founding Director of the Latin American Trade Network, Director of the International Relations Department at FLACSO, the Latin American School of Social Sciences, and Senior Research Fellow at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) in Argentina.