ODI launches RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach online guide

Book cover ROMA
John Young, Louise Shaxson, Harry Jones, Simon Hearn, Ajoy Datta, and Caroline Cassidy
Overseas Development Institute
84 pages

The UK-based Overseas Development Institute has released its online guide to understanding, engaging with, and influencing policy. ROMA: A guide to policy engagement and influence contains a suite of tools that can be used to unpack complex problems, analyze stakeholder influence, and understand pathways of impact in conditions of uncertainty. The tools are complemented by illustrative examples of successful use of the ROMA process by organizations undertaking development work around the world.

The ROMA guide is the result of more than a decade of work by ODI's Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) team and it brings together the wisdom and experience from more than 100 case studies on how research contributes, or fails to contribute, to changes in policy and practice. The RAPID team’s focus on learning and evolution remains a central part of the approach, with a chapter devoted to the design of monitoring and evaluation activities that will contribute to learning that supports decision-making.

IDRC and the Overseas Development Institute collaborated on the creation of this guide.

Read ROMA: A guide to policy engagement and influence.