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Globalization on Trial: The Human Condition and the Information Civilization

Farhang Rajaee
Kumarian Press, IDRC

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"Brilliant, profound, and very timely for anyone trying to understand the meaning and implications of the phenomenon of globalization today."
William F. Ryan, S.J. (author of Culture, Spirituality, and Economic Development)

What is the human condition at the dawning of the global age? Drawing upon his own extensive experience, as well as upon the thoughts of Western and "non-Western" scholars and philosophers, Farhang Rajaee provides a fresh and critical inquiry into the nature of globalization.

Globalization on Trial challenges the conventional view that equates globalization with the expansion of the capitalist economic system. With a broad historical and holistic brush, the author presents a view of globalization that is both multidisciplinary and multicultural. What opportunities must we seize? What dangers must we overcome? Rajaee examines human governance and the paradox of globalism and nationalism (or "nativism"), providing a particularly fresh perspective on Islamic civilization. He also focuses on our education system and how it will have to adapt to meet the new challenges of our global, information age.

Globalization on Trial will interest researchers, scholars,and students in the social sciences and, particularly, the humanities; donors, development organizations, NGOs, and development practitioners; and anyone concerned with how globalization and the information revolution are affecting the nature of human civilization, and with the interaction between Islamic and Judeo-Christian (or "Western") civilization.

The author

Farhang Rajaee is a Visiting Associate Professor at the College of the Humanities, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Professor Rajaee received his PhD in Foreign Affairs in 1983 from the University of Virginia, where he worked with Kenneth W. Thompson and Inis Claude Jr. In 1984, he served on the Iranian UN delegation and, from 1985 to 1996, was a professor at the University of Tehran, the Iranian Academy of Philosophy, and Beheshti (National) University. In 1990 and 1991, Professor Rajaee was a fellow at Oxford University. His book Ma'rekeye Jahanbiniha ("The Battle of World Views," Ehya Ketab, 1995 and 1997) established his reputation as an interpreter of Islamic movements and political Islam.