Development and Global Governance

Book cover Development and Global Governance
Roy Culpeper and Caroline Pestieau
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150 pages

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Fifty years on, the reform of the Bretton Woods institutions — the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund — has become a lively issue. The G-7 industrialized countries took a first bite at this subject during their Halifax Summit, and the debate continues. A group of experts from all continents met in Ottawa to give challenging advice to the summiteers and beyond, ranging from the view that the G-7 itself is in eclipse to an argument for turning the IMF into a central world bank. This book contains the seven papers and a summary of the discussion from that meeting, sponsored jointly by the International Development Research Centre and the North-South Institute.

The editors

Roy Culpeper is President of the North-South Institute. He has published extensively on the global debt problem and international finance, including High Stakes and Low Incomes: Canada and the Development Banks.

Caroline Pestieau is Vice President, Program at the International Development Research Centre. She was previously Deputy Chair of the Economic Council of Canada, Freedom of Information and Privacy Commissioner in Quebec, and a member of the C.D. Howe Institute.