On the world stage

July 08, 2011
Kelly Haggart

In his project for the Poverty Research Network, Lu Ming assessed the role of “social capital,” such as mutual assistance and civic participation, in helping rural households cope with natural disasters during the transition to a market economy.

John Knight

In July 2008, he was invited to present his research at a London School of Economics conference on the rise of China and India. His paper had been selected from more than 100 submitted by scholars at leading universities worldwide.

Lu Ming’s paper has also been accepted for publication in a forthcoming issue of CESifo Economic Studies, produced by one of Europe’s foremost economic research organizations.

Two papers by other network members are also due to appear in the same special issue focusing on inequality in China – one co-authored by coordinator Li Shi and young scholar Deng Quheng, and another by coordinator John Whalley and mentor Yue Ximing of Beijing’s Renmin University.

Cai Fang

Lu Ming speaks highly of his mentors – Cai Fang, director of the Institute of Population and Labour Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and John Knight, a leading development economist at the University of Oxford.

“They really gave me some very helpful comments on my study,” he says. “I included a section in my paper that I call a ‘robust check,’ and the whole point of that section was to answer the questions they raised.”


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