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From joining the global effort against Ebola to finding smart ways to adapt to a changing climate, improve maternal health, and foster opportunities for youth, the most popular content on our website in 2015 showcased practical research making a difference across the developing world  

IDRC is proud to be a key partner in the clinical trial of a candidate Ebola vaccine, a critical part of the global effort to ensure the world is better prepared for the next outbreak
An IDRC-funded project in Uganda has won a UN Momentum for Change award, one of 16 “game-changing climate action initiatives from around the world” honoured at the Paris climate conference in December
IDRC President Jean Lebel reflects on his trip to Chile and Colombia as part of the delegation accompanying the Governor General of Canada
An international conference in Ottawa explored the potential of open data to bring sweeping changes in many sectors. The goal: for even the most marginalized communities to have access to vital information, and the capacity to understand, use, and share it
We marked World Food Day with a focus on innovative agricultural research that is boosting yields, improving nutrition, and creating economic opportunities for smallholder farmers, most of whom are women
Canada and Chile have undertaken to strengthen the ability of national innovation councils to provide advice to governments on science, technology, and innovation
One in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence, mostly by an intimate partner. IDRC-funded research is helping to prevent this violence by challenging attitudes and changing laws.
Africa is transforming, and education is key. If you missed IDRC President Jean Lebel’s chat with Thierry Zomahoun, President of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, watch it on our YouTube channel     
Researchers are harnessing mobile phone technology to provide ethnic minority women in Vietnam with crucial information about pregnancy, birth, and infant care
The August IDRC Bulletin marked International Youth Day with a focus on innovative research that fosters economic opportunities for young people and provides insights into how to include youth in growth strategies
From improving maternal health care to exploring how to defuse violence in cities or build new skills for better jobs, Asia Research News 2015 provides a snapshot of IDRC-funded research in Asia
The September IDRC Bulletin marked the International Day of Peace with a focus on research from across the developing world that documents the links between urban violence, poverty, and inequalities