Scaling science

December 07, 2017

Scaling our impact

IDRC is committed to supporting the generation, identification, and testing of scalable ideas and innovation, as highlighted in Objective 1 of the Centre’s Strategic Plan. With this agenda in mind, we’re focussed on advancing our understanding of how scaling up research and innovation can occur in the diverse settings where we work, and how it can be used to create positive impact.

The Scaling Science project

Initiated in 2016, the Scaling Science project draws on data gathered from across IDRC’s programming to improve our understanding of the Centre’s experiences scaling research-generated impact, and to investigate the processes it has used for bringing research to scale.

The study relies on in-depth reviews of both external and IDRC experiences and multi-method analyses of research projects funded by the Centre. It aims to improve our understanding of how research can create optimal impact, while we also apply what we learn from this work toward the creation of a more critical approach to the increasingly hot topic of scale.