New report focuses on challenges and solutions for funding climate adaptation in Africa

June 07, 2016
Robert Tippman

Funding for projects focusing on climate change adaptation in Africa is increasing—through public grants, loans from development banks, multilateral and bilateral donors, or the private sector. Despite the availability of funding, there are many challenges limiting access to these monies. These include difficulty accessing information about funding opportunities, complex application procedures, language barriers, and a shortage of viable projects. 

A new report analyzes theses existing barriers and presents a range of solutions for improving access to funding opportunities. The report, submitted as part of a competitive call managed by IDRC and the Development Bank of Southern Africa, surveyed developers and promoters of climate change adaptation projects in Africa.

Some of the report's key recommendations include:

  • Improve communication about funding opportunities 
  • Simplify application procedures
  • Create systems for matching projects with funding sources
  • Establish national committees to coordinate finance for adaptation projects
  • Mainstream adaptation into country development strategies
  • Identify climate change adaptation initiatives of interest to private sector investors

Download the full report: Assessing Barriers and Solutions to Financing Adaptation Projects in Africa (PDF, 1.47MB)

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