IDRC's 2011 Annual Public Meeting: Audio Podcast

December 02, 2011

IDRC hosted its 2011 Annual Public Meeting on November 8 in Ottawa.

You can listen to the event broadcast here:

Chairman Barbara McDougall's opening remarks

President David Malone's comments on Partnerships and IDRC

Governor Ahmed Galal speaks about the Arab Springs

Kevin Tiessen, Senior Program Officer of IDRC's Agriculture and Food Security program, presents IDRC's work on food security

You can also listen to the question and answer period

Simultaneous translation was provided during this event. Please note that the questions have been paraphrased but the attached audio files provide full details.

Q1. Does IDRC plan on supporting research into human resources, looking at agriculture to provide opportunities for young Africans?

Q2. Can Dr Tiessen provide details regarding IDRC’s projects in food security - are you looking beyond questions of accessibility to ones of utilization and stability?

Q3. Given the importance capital transfers from migrants play in local development, does IDRC plan on supporting research on migration?

Q4. Are there any bottlenecks or challenges in Rwanda that you think IDRC and the government of Rwanda might address together?

Q5. We have heard how IDRC is addressing the supply side of food security. Do you plan on addressing the demand side looking at the role of demographics in particular?

Q6. IDRC has moved to mainstream gender into all its programming. This is a change from the past. Can you provide details?

Q7. How can IDRC influence the rest of the international community to focus on Somalia so that its people can have peace and food security?

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