How IDRC-funded research has improved lives in the developing world

October 22, 2010
IDRC Communications
Positive and lasting change in the developing world requires long-term commitment. Since 1970, IDRC has funded research with that exact goal in mind. Now, to mark our 40th anniversary, we look back at some examples of how the research we have funded has had lasting impacts.
Each month in 2010, we featured a new Lasting Impacts international development theme. Each presents IDRC-funded research projects that demonstrate the importance of research for effective and sustained development and showcase IDRC as an integral part of Canada's foreign affairs family.
January: Public Health February: Informed Policies March: Improving Women's Lives April: Livelihoodes and the Economy
May: Bridging the Digital Divide June: Countries in Transition July: Innovations in Research August: Appropriate Technology
September: Managing Natural Resources October: Food Security and Nutrition November 2010: Sustainable Agriculture December 2010: Access to Water