A guide to innovation in informal settings

November 06, 2012
Susan Cozzens and Judith Sutz
Rapid economic growth in developing countries has deepened income inequalities, drawing increased attention to the need for equitable development. The concept of Innovation for Inclusive Development explores possible solutions to this problem. Innovation in Informal Settings: A Research Agenda by Susan Cozzens and Judith Sutz presents a framework that can be used by researchers, policymakers, and others to examine and support such inclusive innovation.

Innovation scholars, especially those interested in innovations that occur outside the formal sector, will find this theoretical guide useful as it explores the five criteria of innovation: novelty, adaptation, knowledge, and capabilities & scale, and dissemination. The focus is on how they affect resource-poor communities.

In this paper, the authors, both experts in innovation in developing countries, provide a cutting-edge research approach, theory, and methodology that can be used as a baseline for the development of a field of knowledge on innovation and its role in development.

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