Communicating change at COP22

December 16, 2016

IDRC hosted nine sessions at the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP22) to the UNFCCC in Marrakech, Morocco, from November 7–18, 2016. With the Paris Agreement ratified and set to take effect the day before COP22’s opening, the Convention occupied a pivotal space. Referred to as “the COP of Action,” the Marrakech Conference focused on developing plans for how to realize the Paris Agreement.

COP22 drew approximately 30,000 participants, including:

  • 12,000 representatives from the 196 Parties to the Convention
  • 14,000 observers from civil society (NGOs, private sector, research organizations, etc.)
  • 4,000 journalists and members of the media

IDRC has more than a decade of experience as a proven funder of climate change and adaptation research. Our challenge at COP22 was to communicate this in a crowded public sphere. As an official UNFCCC observer agency, IDRC had a busy two weeks, hosting nine events, including the two-day "unconference" Development and Climate Days ("D&C Days"), as well as IDRC's official UNFCCC side event on resilient development.

Program staff, together with partners, grantees, and our colleagues in counterpart agencies, shared evidence-based insights, research findings, and climate adaptation solutions. Our connections and dialogue with peers, partners, and potential allies will be brought forward to COP23 in 2017 in Germany.

The International Institute for Sustainable Development's (IISD) Reporting Services team covered specific IDRC events and produced a video on IDRC's official UNFCCC side event, Accelerating Implementation: Transitioning to Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Development Pathways.