Adaptation is...

February 22, 2011
Climate Change Adaptation in Africa, IDRC

These brief project profiles provide insights into the kinds of challenges Africans face in adapting to climate change, and the strategies they are testing with research supported by the CCAA program.

The profiles are based on interviews with CCAA staff and research team members, local officials, and community members involved in or affected by the research.

Each file is available in PDF format. Print copies may be requested by email at:

Protecting Coastal Communities in Northern Morocco By Mary O'Neill
As rising sea levels, drought, and coastal flooding increasingly threaten Morocco's rural northeast coast, an international research team is examining how people may be vulnerable to climate change, and helping authorities there devise strategies to help them cope. Open file

Informing and Involving Farmers in Benin By Habibatou Gologo
A grassroots action-research project in rural Benin is aiming to reduce farmers' vulnerability to climate change and improve food security. Open file

Managing Climate Risk in South Africa's Western Cape By Christa Van Rooyen
As climate change threatens rainfalls in this already-arid region, a team of researchers is working to give planners and farmers access to improved climate information and a range of options to help them prepare for a water-scarce future. Open file

Predicting Malaria's Changing Course By Ochieng Rapuro
As East African highland communities struggle to adapt to a surge of malaria in the region, climate change is likely to bring more of it, more often. Researchers are combining climate observation with medical research to predict outbreaks. Open file