Travel and Hospitality

Our senior executives travel regularly to visit funded institutes, donors, and projects, and to participate in conferences and workshops around the world. Governors travel to attend Board meetings as well as to participate in training sessions and to familiarize themselves with field operations in order to better discharge their oversight duties. The rules and principles governing travel of all IDRC employees are outlined in the policies shown below. These policies ensure coordination and cost-effectiveness of travel abroad and hospitality and a consistent interpretation of the relevant standards normally expected to apply to public sector organizations.

IDRC publishes the travel and hospitality expenses of its senior executives and Governors in accordance with the Access to Information Act. IDRC also provides information on the total annual expenses for each of travel, hospitality and conference fees for the corporation.

The information on this webpage is updated on a monthly basis. Amounts include all applicable taxes. Please note that information that would normally be withheld under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act  does not appear in this section.

Corporate policies

Travel and per diem rates information

Basic controls for travel and hospitality expense reporting

  • Expense reports must have supporting documentation, and must be approved by the appropriate manager before processing and payment.
  • All senior management and Board of Governors' expense claims are reviewed for compliance by the Finance and Administration Division before payment. Both Internal Audit and the Office of the Auditor General periodically check internal controls applicable to expense claims. The Finance and Audit Committee of the Board oversees travel and hospitality expense reporting on a quarterly basis.

Report on annual expenses for travel, hospitality and conferences 2018-2019

Report on annual expenses for travel, hospitality and conferences 2017-2018

Report on annual expenses for travel, hospitality and conferences 2016-2017

Report on annual expenses for travel, hospitality, and conferences 2015-2016


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