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Accountability means that IDRC, as an agency of the Government of Canada, must report on what we have achieved in fulfilling our mandate, and how we used the resources that were entrusted to us.

Accounting for our results to Parliament and the Canadian public is fundamental to our democracy. It is also fundamental to an effective aid program, because it links resources and results for greater focus, efficiency, and impact. This enables us to continue improving and strengthening our programming.

The mechanisms that support accountability, such as special committees, dedicated organizational units, and everyday business practices, encompass risk management, audit, evaluation, access to information, reporting to Parliament, and communication with the public, including an annual meeting where Canadians can question board members and senior managers.

IDRC's Equality Statement​


We concentrate our support for applied research in three broad areas: agriculture and the environment, social and economic policy, and technology and innovation.


IDRC's Board of Governors approves plans spelling out research priorities, objectives, and evaluation strategies, supported by a range of internal oversight mechanisms.


IDRC reports annually to Parliament through the Minister of International Development. This report includes an audit of its financial statements by the Office of the Auditor General of Canada. We also publish quarterly financial reports.