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2019 IDRC Research Award recipients

Dassah, Ebenezer
The lived experience of adolescents with disabilities in accessing sexual and reproductive health in Ghana
Maternal and Child Health (declined)

Hinton, Lucy
NCD policies and projects: Linking global politics to local implementation (Latin America and Canada)
Food, Environment and Health

Hung, Kai-Hsin
New social solidarities toward decommodifying digital labour in India
Networked Economies

Kemp, Justin
Mapping high risk zones for AMR emergence in global aquaculture to facilitate targeted intervention
Livestock Health

Madryga, Chelsea
The RQ+ Framework used as a tool in adaptive management: Lessons learned from implementers in the Global South
Policy and Evaluation Division

Nadar, Danya
Alternative food networks in the West Bank: Does a parallel market have the potential to increase income security of small-scale farmers growing traditional crops?
Agriculture and Food Security

Niamba, Louis
Disparités de sexe en matière d’enregistrement de l’état civil en Afrique subsaharienne : Cas des mariages, des décès et de leurs causes dans les observatoires de population du Burkina Faso
Centre of Excellence for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems

Popoola, Oyindamola
The ethics and governance of public health practitioners’ (working on NCD prevention and control) engagement with the private sector
Advisory Committee on Research Ethics

Safaee Chalkasra, Lolita Shaila
Re-thinking gender and social equity in climate planning and flood risk adaptation for building climate resiliency: Case studies in Philippine informal peri-urban areas
Climate Change

Wafula, Caleb
Community saving for conflict transformation, Kenya
Governance and Justice, Regional office for sub-Saharan Africa (Nairobi, Kenya)

Webb, Christopher
Diversified livelihoods and attitudes toward work among young South Africans
Employment and Growth